Square Wheels Yoyo Company.

Just wanted to know how many throws they’ve made, I know 3 only. Sorry if this is in the wrong place mods.

Taken directly from the square wheels page.

Our first yoyo was designed to my specifications. I basically wanted an everyday throw in brilliant, eye catching colors. I’m happy with how it turned out.

Out now: The Royale - http://shop.yoyoexpert.com/product/764/Square-Wheels-Royale

Diameter: 55mm
Weight: 65g
Bearing: C
Response: Square Wheels C-Pad or Flowable Silicone

From the start the Royale was created with one thing in mind: fun. I wanted a yoyo that built on the yoyos that I threw everyday. Personality, performance and practicality.

Out Now: The Rockefeller -

Designed for modern competitive yoyoing, the “Rock” excels in the areas that the Royale was not built for. Stunning spin times. Incredible regenerations. Wide gap. Competitive design. This yoyo is built with the modern competitive yoyoer in mind.

Diameter: 55mm
Weight: 66g
Bearing: C
Response: Square Wheels C-Pad or Flowable Silicone

Releasing in early 2013: The Rex -

Diameter: 57mm
Weight: 68g
Bearing: D
Response: Square Wheels D-Pad or Flowable Silicone

Oversized with a wide profile, it’s the D-bearing yoyo that plays like a C. Tight binds and snappy regens without compromising the non-responsiveness of modern yoyo play. The Rex breaks the misconception of “grabby and bitey” D bearing yoyos.

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Pretty sure it’s 3- Royale, Rockefeller, and Rex.

Thanks! Really appreciate it.

Royale with Cheese on the way!

Oh you guys dont even know how many throws we have in the works :wink:

Been waiting for this for a while!! Gotta stash money aside for new stuff soon after Nationals(assuming my contract check gets mailed early!)

Its SO much better than the OG royale

I can’t wait. I really like the OG Royale!