Square Wheels Yoyo Company REX Review


Hey guys! This is my first review but I thought I would get this out there!

First off, here are some of the specs of the SWYYC REX.

Diameter: 55mm
Width: 45mm
Weight: 68g
Bearing: D size
Response: Flowable Silicone

I got my REX for Christmas in 2012. I got the first one ever sold! It is a very solid play and rarely ever has problems. The pads that come with the package work fine but flowable silicone also works. Type A and Type B Twisted Stringz also come with the product.

As for vibe, my yoyo has slightly to none. It is a very smooth play and easy to keep up with. If you want a relaxed play, this is the yoyo for you.

I have also been able to play with the Rockefeller and the Royale. Both are great throws.

The Rock is a fast play while the Royale is more of a relaxed play. If you like to yoyo and throw quite often I would recommend the Rock for you.

As for me, the REX, however, is the yoyo to go with. It has a slightly rounded shape compared to the Royale and Rock.

I dont have any pictures to upload right now, but I will definitely get those up when I can!


PS: It may have a lot of dings but it still is one of my favorite yoyos! :stuck_out_tongue:

(2Sick Joey) #2

I’m pretty sure Rex’s are 68 or 69 grams


Yupp its 68g the Rock is 66g and the Royale 65g


Good overall review I have a Rex to and you didn’t miss any details the only thing u might have wanted to add was that the finish on it isn’t really great for grinds


This is kind of an old review, bridging on “necro” territory, so yeah…
Anyways, I hear that some colors have grinding finishes, others don’t.




Mine is a limited edition cal state with a unique finish I would post a pic but my iPad wont let me post pics at all on any topic


I managed to score one of the “Gulf Coast” colorways. I think this particular YoYo is sensational !!
I love the colors that Square Wheels has developed for their anos.


That’s nice this is my cal state edition