The Square Wheels YoYo Company - News!
In case you haven’t heard of us, I’ll go ahead and get through all of the basics first!

Square Wheels was founded about a year ago in Kansas City. We machine locally with a shop that we really love and works hard to make our products the right way. We tumble, blast and anodize our products ourselves, and have gained some notoriety for our original colorways. We are very proud that our product is 99.9% local.

We started with an idea that we would make a throw distinctly for Kansas City and MidWest yoyoers, and if they sold, we would put the money back into the scene by sponsoring contests and players. We fulfilled our promise to the community by sponsoring 7 contests and signing 8 players to our team. We had 5 players representing us at the World YoYo Contest in Orlando, FL, and I couldn’t be more proud of their showing.

Our first yoyo was designed to my specifications. I basically wanted an everyday throw in brilliant, eye catching colors. I’m happy with how it turned out.

Out now: The Royale -

Diameter: 55mm
Weight: 65g
Bearing: C
Response: Square Wheels C-Pad or Flowable Silicone

From the start the Royale was created with one thing in mind: fun. I wanted a yoyo that built on the yoyos that I threw everyday. Personality, performance and practicality.

Out soon: The Rockefeller -

Designed for modern competitive yoyoing, the “Rock” excels in the areas that the Royale was not built for. Stunning spin times. Incredible regenerations. Wide gap. Competitive design. This yoyo is built with the modern competitive yoyoer in mind.

Diameter: 55mm
Weight: 66g
Bearing: C
Response: Square Wheels C-Pad or Flowable Silicone

Releasing in early 2013: The Rex -

Diameter: 57mm
Weight: 68g
Bearing: D
Response: Square Wheels D-Pad or Flowable Silicone

Oversized with a wide profile, it’s the D-bearing yoyo that plays like a C. Tight binds and snappy regens without compromising the non-responsiveness of modern yoyo play. The Rex breaks the misconception of “grabby and bitey” D bearing yoyos.

If you have any questions, please feel free to post in this thread. You can also contact us through the following channels:


I’ve owned a first run Royale and a second run Royale. They are one of the sickest throws I’ve ever had the pleasure of playing. Very smooth on grinds. The center area fits perfectly in your hand and is very comfortable. Weight is perfect and, the spikes, even though I don’t do matador, look very cool and would work great for it. It’s a very flowy yoyo. Not floaty and not stiff or clumsy. Very agile. It operates very well at whatever pace you want it to. It doesn’t try to outrun you but, it definitely won’t lag behind either. Square Wheels knocked it out of the park on the very first pitch! My only negative thing to say about the Royale is the lack of an inner grind ring but, that’s a small sacrifice for everything else that the Royale brings to the table.

I’ve also had the pleasure of playing the Rockefeller. It looks and feels completely different than the Royale. Unlike some manufacturers, they haven’t gotten stuck in the same old, “make everything look and play the same” rut. It not only has an inner grind ring but, also has a very wide and open catch zone making it very suitable for slack and whip tricks. Faster moving and better for technical play, the Rockefeller is sure to be a hit. I look forward to owning one very soon.

Having only seen pics of the Rex, I can’t comment on how it plays but, considering the quality of their other two efforts, I can only imagine that it rocks as well. Their largest throw, at 57mm, it’ll probably be my favorite of theirs, as I prefer larger throws. It also utilizes a D sized bearing, which is rare these days but, also brings with it many advantages, as the more experienced throwers know. You younguns, don’t be scared away just because it isn’t a C bearing. This yoyo is going to be fast and long spinning. Trust Mr. Blake Freeman. He has proven time and again that he definitely knows what he’s doing when it comes to designing high quality, very well playing yoyos.

Last, but most certainly not least, I’ll comment on the finishes. Extremely unique colorways, like their chipaway style splashes, make the SWYC yoyos really stand out from the crowd. Definitely better than the standard wash/splash, seen it a thousand times finishes that everyone else seems content with producing. Their blast process also make finger grinds a breeze. The Royale especially, is one of the best grinding yoyos I’ve played.

Like their name implies, these guys are definitely square wheels in a round wheeled yoyo world. They produce very high quality products and are constantly refining and redesigning their stuff to make sure that what they release is the best possible product that it can be. Not content to put out products that mimic or emulate the more popular designs, they instead take the less conventional route and choose to be the trailblazers who come up with the better playing, more unique designs. While still putting out products that are very playable and with a pricetag that’s not nosebleed high. :slight_smile:

Also, as an added bonus, they’re located in the dead center of the US. Kansas City has quickly become a little yoyo oasis in the “flyover states” that most of the bigger names ignore. They’ve definitely established the Midwest yoyo scene as a serious contender in the production of high end yoyo products.

To finish up, I have nothing but good things to say about these guys. They flew out of the gate with a slam dunk of a yoyo in the Royale and, have now pushed the envelope further with the release of two more, extremely nice throws. My only hope is that they keep up this pace and we’re soon met with even more unique, stylish, well playing products from this awesome company.


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Thank you for the kind words, Hydrophidian!

Adding to your thoughts, I think I should post some pictures of the different anodization techniques we use.

Whirlpool Series:
(Red Sea pictured)

Speckled Spirals:
(The Green State pictured)


Acid Wash:
(Acidophilus Blue pictured)

'sabout time this thread was started.

So pumped to see these coming to life.

Keep it up Blake!

You could have a couple of my toes for a Red Sea edition Rex!

And one of my kidneys for a blue and white rockefeller.
Oh. My. Gosh.

The Rock is a lot of fun. Blake let me play a prototype at Iowa States and it hasn’t left my mind. I WILL own a green tundra one.

Looks awesome.

Keep up the good work.

I want a Rex SO badly right now, but I’m not patient enough to wait for it to come out :stuck_out_tongue:

We just picked up our run of Rexs from out machinist yesterday! They came out very clean, which means minimal finish work. We should be able to get these anodized and on the market sooner than expected!

Our runs of the Rock will be done in the middle of next week, and they will be our priority as far as release goes. Shortly after that run is done, our very limited, super secret run of yoyos should be done!

Stay tuned, I plan on giving one of each yoyo away through a facebook contest, that announcement will be made here.

So you’ll be making more whirlpool type throws? I somehow missed those colorways and absolutely need something like that Gulf Coast. Ridiculous. Well done.

Yes! The run of Rockefellers will be done in Gulf Coast, Red Sea and Tar Pits. Tar Pits is our new whirlpool colorway which is a slime green with black swirl.

Will they be released after Christmas? I can’t get them until I get Christmas money.

I saw you guys at IL states and didnt even try out a Royale. I cant til the Rex drops, I really want to try that

If things go according to plan, we anticipate that the Rockefeller should be ready for customers by Christmas or just after. The Rex is aimed for a Q1 release.

Can’t wait for the super secret run. I’ll probably die if I miss on it though.

I use to own a Royale and it was really nice but the Rex really intrigues me!!! hope i get the chance to own one

The Rex is back from the machine shop, done in the tumbler and ready to be anodized! It will ship in four colors. Gulf Coast, Red Sea, Tar Pits, and Robbie Graham’s signature color - Purple Spiral!

We will be sending out a few demo units to our favorite reviewers soon, and I’ll be posting contest details to this thread for your chance to win one!


Just direct me to where I can get one after January 10th when I’ll have funds for this stuff!