The Square Wheels YoYo Company - News!

I am great friends with Jon and the Square Wheels Crew.
I am also proud to say that I was the first person in the United States with a Rex. I got it for christmas. It has such a nice play. I am very excited to play with the Rockefeller too. I have only had a brief chance to play with that one.

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This just in, the Square Wheels crew will be in attendance at Pacific Northwest Regionals!

We will be pre-releasing a VERY limited number of the Rex, and Rockefeller!
Will you be at PNWR!? We’ll see you there!

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As of this month Square Wheels has been around for one full year! What a great year it has been!

To celebrate, we’re going to offer our fans an opportunity at getting their hands on our new yoyos the Rex and Rockefeller before anyone else!

Right now there are 10 Royale yoyos available at the retail level. 4 of them at If you purchase one Royale between right now and 11:59PM EST on Friday, February 1st, you’ll be entered to win your choice of either the Rex or the Rockefeller in the Gulf Coast colorway! That’s a 1 in 10 shot at getting one of our brand new releases before anyone else, FREE!

These are the last of the original run Royales available, period. Get your hands on one while they last, and try your luck at getting a freebie!

Proof of purchase between 1/18/2013 and 2/1/2013 is required to be entered into the drawing. Purchase email must be forwarded to

My name is Rex. You have to let me test that beauty! ;D

Keep in mind that our contest for a free Rex or Rockefeller is still going on!

Here’s a note about the Rex that I posted to my facebook today:

It’s hard for me to put into words my feelings on the new Square Wheels Rex. There are many things that went into this design that I didn’t care for at the time. The way it came out… The only thing I can say is it blew my mind.

In the past months since I received the prototype from our machinist, it has been the only yoyo that I carry. It is so perfect for everything I do. It has the feel on the string of a C bearing yoyo, until you return it. The smaller D bearing in the Rex makes complicated binds a breeze. Absolutely perfectly tight binds even when near death in spin. The gap is not small by any means. This thing doesn’t snag up or slow down on multi layer string hits. It really feels just like I’m playing a wider gapped C-size bearing.

These are extremely limited in quantity and will be launched at PNWR in Seattle on February 22nd. After that, we’ll have limited numbers at YYE. If you happen to see me at one of the many contests I’ll attend this contest season, please tap me on the shoulder and ask to try the Rex. You have my guarantee that you’ll have fun.

There are still 3 Royales available at YYE! Get 'em while they’re hot! The contest ends on Feb. 1st at 11:59PM EST!

Here’s a peek at the Rex and Rockefeller (pre-ano) that are up for grabs!

Welcome to Team Square Wheels, Shane!

Shane’s awesome! Congrats to him!

New Rex colors!

The top colorway is our test piece for a PNWR exclusive, the bottom is Robbie Graham’s signature colorway!

We are entering the final 2 days of the contest! There are 9 Royales left in the wild and I’m going to up the ante!

If at least FIVE out of the ten Royales that were originally available are sold, I will give away a Rockefeller AND a Royale in the Gulf Coast colorway! There are 3 at Pick one out, forward us the proof of purchase and be entered to win!

Please see our January 18th post for more details and contest rules! Be aware that this contest is only running until 11:59PM EST TOMORROW NIGHT!

The giveaway contest is almost over, but if you buy a Royale (2 left at YYE!) and forward us the proof of purchase by 11:59PM EST TODAY you can still be entered to win!

Robbie Graham and I will be drawing the winner(s) tomorrow afternoon and posting the video on Sunday right after the Superbowl!

We met our quota! We’re giving away BOTH YoYos! Good luck everyone!

Congratulations to our two winners!

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Any price range for the Rockefeller? They will be at pnwr right?

The Rockefeller’s price will be announced at PNWR! We are still in the process of figuring out extras, packaging, etc.

It will be available at PNWR!

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Looks like Stephen Huang received his Rockefeller from the contest. Check out this awesome video he made!

We’re finalizing out products for PNWR, and boy do we have some surprises for everyone there! We will have both the Rex and Rockefeller available in Gulf Coast and Red Sea, as well as a VERY limited PNWR edition which is black with a faded splash. Gorgeous!

We will be doing specials throughout the day, including giveaways! Make sure you check out facebook throughout the day so you don’t miss out on freebies!

Unfortunately, due to the record snowfall in Kansas City we were unable to catch a flight to Seattle. >:(

On the upside, you will now see us at California States NEXT Saturday!

Picked up a Gulf Coast Rex at Cal States and d bearing is great!! It’s so smooth you don’t know it’s a smaller bearing and binds are perfect not grabby. It’s a winner and Blake is a great guy to hang with!!!

How much is the Rockefeller going to be…?