Square Wheels Rockefeller


I see that the Square Wheels Rockefeller went on sale today at YYE.
Who is planning on buying one? And…Who has had to chance to throw one already ?

Do Tell…


I have the Ice Caps colorway on my way here :slight_smile:



I haven’t tried one but I will have to say ice caps and borealis are two of my favorite recent colorways.


I have one. PNWR/CalStates colorway.

V-shaped, very smooth, solid and stable. Excellent weight distrbution. This one is a bad grinder, but this was done intentionally as they wanted those colors to pop, and they do, and they do look amazing!! They play as good as they look, if not better. Ths is the first yoyo I was able to pull off Magic Drop and Shockwave with.


My full Square Wheels album, which contains other Square Wheels yoyos:




Studio, I’m assuming you mean bad as in it’s really good.


No,in this case, by bad, I mean “bad” as in “not good”.

To bring it back for this jumping in:

The surface of this model is polished and smooth as glass. The reason behind this was to make the colors have maximum pop. When you do this, making it all shiny like that, the surface is not good for grinding. However, I have been told that this polished surface treatment is exclusive and limited to this colorway only.

Other models, like the Rex(yes, I have one) and the Royale, are soda blasted I think, and are both excellent grinders. I’ve been told the Royale is one of the better grinding yoyos out there. I’m still working on my grinds so I’ll have to see this for myself.

Now, being able to grind or not is NOT a requirement for me to enjoy a yoyo. I do like more features crammed into those items though. Options are good, always.

The Rockefeller is a great yoyo. I would like to see more Square Wheels at competitions. If I’m at a contest, I have all my Square Wheels with me in the Case of Wonders for now.


I really want to get one!! They look pretty awesome and their specs are favorable by many throwers, I’m one of them! So I’ll be grabbing one soon!


I am liking it quite a bit so far. And the surface on this one grinds quite well.


oh I just really looked at it and see how shiny it is.


Here’s a review I wrote a few weeks ago-

(Steve Brown) #11


I have one and I love it. It’s really fun for matador and competition style play. If there are some available by the time I get paid I’ll be getting another for sure ;D

(Owen) #13

Yup, studio’s Rockefeller doesnt have a blast but the ones here on YYE have a soda blast. The ones I have grind great. Like 10+ seconds great, and I suck at grinds :stuck_out_tongue:


Sorry video or 10+ second grind didn’t happen.