what are some good yoyos


I want to know the name of some good, but cheap yoyos for a late intermediate to advanced yoyoer.


You should really really search for this in the help/recomendations section, and look at yoyo reviews. There are pleny of other threads just like this one. Just take a look.


Thanks, that will be really helpful.


Hope you find what you are looking for.


THanks, so do I


G-Funk is the best



its all preference. anything over the 50 dollar range is a “good” yoyo

i can still do almost all of my tricks with an fhz. so, WHO CARES -__-

(YoBroJRoll(jeramy)) #8

the yoyojam atmosphere is pretty awesome, thats what i throw. they sleep for a long timeand they are really heavy, only 40 buckz. :wink:


Speeder 2, Atmosphere, Northstar, DV888, protostar phenomizm theres a lot ;D cant list them all


also raptor echo and metropolis