new to the community

hey yall, I really enjoy the whole sport of yoyo and enjoy playing with them and iv’e actually got fairly decent. I currently own a pretty beat up x-con. I’m looking to upgrade, and actually have money. However, there is no shop that sells upscale yoyo’s around me, so i can’t really try them out. I want a yoyo that I won’t have to upgrade from for a long time. I was thinking of getting a genesis or skyline, or something of that nature, but really have little knowledge about what I really like. Any suggestions or advice would me much appreciated, thanks.

hey, welcome to the yoyo world. :slight_smile:
well, skyline or genesis is a great throw if you are ready to drop money on it, but i think it’s ok since you throwing an X-con already.
almost all high end metal yoyo has great performance these day.
plastic are great as well, protostar and PGM to name a few.

all in all, please enjoy yourself in these forum. :wink:

Welcome to the addicting sport that is yoyoing
I have found that once you get a good metal, you never really have to upgrade.
My marmot was perfection for me, but I would reccomend a skyline, superstar, 888, or anything CLYW. ;D

A warm welcome to yoyoing, I give you. ;D

thanx yall, im thinking about buying that b-grade tactic they have for sale on here, any ideas about that, it gives me a little extra cash for later.