i try’ed the werrd poo and irony at the werrlds and i loved it who else is waiting for these amazing throws :slight_smile:

show the love for werrd

I actually purchased one of the Poos. I did like it but it just wasn’t for me… so I traded it off. If the specs is something you like/could get used to then I’d totally recommend it.

I didn’t get the chance to throw one of the poos, but I did get a pacquiao. and I LOVE it.
Did you try out the crucial Jirorian?

yeah i did i loved pretty much every yoyo i tryed that wasnt viby

Actually didn’t like the Jirorian as much.

Im so glad you liked it mate!

I know that Poo isn’t made for everyones tastes, but I wanted to offer something different for peoples cases. I could have easily made a “safe” yoyo, but I was given the chance to make something for myself, so I did :smiley:

Keep an eye out and around, there will be more Werrd than you can poke a stick at!

I can’t wait to get it! ;D

now im happy because if the poo and irony are perfect then werrd is the perfect yoyo manufacturer