Opinions on Werrd Pacquiao

Hi folks,

I just snagged myself a Werrd Pacqiao.

I got one because it ticked so many boxes for me. It has a nice older organic shape, small diameter, Australian made and is unique at only 49g.

If you have one, please let me know your thoughts and opinions on it.

Also, it would be good if you could tell me what grade of aluminium it’s made of. I assume maybe not 6061 because of the extremely thin thickness of the walls.

I wish I had one to share some insight with you.  Below is a review if it helps.  Didn’t see them talk an=bout type of aluminum.  I like seeing that it takes pads.  Are you running chaz pads in yours Glenacious?


The weight could be an indicator of aluminum type. 6061 is lighter than 7075 all other things being equal

If you ever want to let yours go, Glenacius, I’ve been looking for one for a while :wink:

It reminds me of how a bimetallic yoyo would feel/play; before you add weight rings to it.

It plays nice considering you accept its inherent limitations resulting from providing it with no ‘power’. But unless you really enjoy throwing an aluminum cotton ball; your fascination will quickly pass.

It ‘IS’ Exactly what Stu intended it to be. A very fun yoyo that challenges you to squeeze as much per throw out of it. It was not designed for beginners. It was designed for, ‘Lets see if you can do your combos by providing your own horsepower’.

Think of it this way>>>> Get 10 very good players. One uses a Radius. One uses a Krown ST. One uses a Dazzler. One uses a 2Sick Knight. Etc…

You get all 10 guys in a room and hand em all a Pacquiao.

Basically you integrate the performance of the player into the performance of the yoyo…Get it?

The players become the ‘bi-metal additive’. < The players have to provide the power that is not stock in the yoyo.

When Stu Brown released the Pacquiao; there was nothing like it. Years later there is still nothing like it.

The people that ‘didn’t get it?; sold theirs pretty quick. The other have kept theirs and have no intention of letting theirs go.

I still have mine.

An Amazing yoyo.

It’s kinda like peddling a single speed bike up a hill. Some folks dread the thought. Others look back down from the top of the hill and smile.


When I did some research on this yoyo, it occurred to me that a combination of size, weight and higher walls would definitely cater to the experienced player. I do not have one.

Flat out one of my favorite yoyos of all time… it’s fun. It’s a fairly ridiculous yoyo, but that’s the point… it’s fun to throw. I wouldn’t use it to try and win worlds, but for everyday use I love it.

Well I have my Pacquiao.

As ridiculous as the yoyo looks on on paper, I have not found it all that crazy.

In fact, it plays pretty well, and quite tame to me. I haven’t found it fly all around uncontrollably or lack spin significantly.

Maybe that’s because I regularly throw sub 50g yoyos, (albeit fixed axles).

It just seems like a light, comfortable yoyo. I really like it.

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I picked up a Pac a few weeks ago from Spingear (sold out now).

I am surprised that no-one has tried something similar, but did recently see that Smashing Yoyos are prototyping an organic 50g yoyo (Instagram).

I don’t like the tin sounds it makes.

But other than that I really like it. I also don’t find it so crazy in terms of playability. But I’m not so good, so my repertoire is not that complex, or long.

I also recently bought a Minute, and really like it too. I think Werrd were ahead of their time in yoyo design.

Yes, they shipped it … the Crucible at 50g. It’s interesting, but definitely for skilled throwers only. I guess you could call it the spiritual successor to the Pacquiao?

For fun at our last local yoyo meetup, I had people play the Crucible, then immediately after that, the Dread G (80g). Talk about contrasts… :rofl: