Fastest Yoyo


What’s the fastest yoyo out there? I’ve tried a 2010 YYF One, which I thought was fast, but there’s probably better/faster ones.


What does that even mean? You’re going to get a different answer from just about everyone.


Aren’t yu tryna find the lightest yo?


Well, I don’t know. Would the fastest be lightest?


The fastest yoyo will be the lightest one you can find that still has enough stability to let you confidently power into your tricks. If it’s TOO light and unstable for your particular play style, you’re just going to spin out. :wink:

My vote goes to the Werrd Pacquiao. But you’re probably not going to use it in competition!


The overdrive is probly the fastest yoyo I can think of that I’ve owned


I guess if that’s what you mean by “fastest” then the fastest one I’ve tried is Yoyomonster Agonist. It’s like 62 grams but spins like a beast.

You’re going to get a ton of different answers though because most people have tried 1 - 10 % of the best yoyos available. To get an authoritative answer you need someone who’s thrown every major release over $100, basically.


I can only agree that you’ll get tonnes of answers from people that have played 1% of yoyos (and this includes myself!)… but what’s really needed is a database of the lightest yoyos made, and then the ability to see if they’re sufficiently stable to handle a person’s level of precision while playing fast.

I said it already, but at 49g, the Pacquiao is faster than anything and is stable enough when you’re paying attention. It’s just not going to spin forever which is why most people won’t use it at a competition.

Something that’s 62g and spins like a beast definitely sounds like a true contender, though!


Some of the Sturm Panzer throws have ridiculously thick weight rings. Like the Schneider’s weigh 40 grams, 60% of the mass of the yoyo. If you took the rings off it would weigh 29 grams, lol. I wonder if that would even be throwable.

Also I’ve heard the Sturm Panzer Leo Sniper Mark II is super speedy but they’re quite rare in the states. I really want one but spent my monthly budget on a Prominence. Maybe next month. Anyway it’s a 62.6g / 56 / 40 7075 bimetal with a D-sized bearing. Those specs imply it should have crazy fast RPMs, and the little I’ve heard about this yoyo from owners confirms this. So it’s probably another contender, but i have no direct experience.

Who makes the Pacquiao?


Pacquiao is made by Werrd.


Yup. It’s a delightful little organic yoyo. It’s almost anti-competition, but the quirkiness and incredibly light weight make it so fun. For people who like fun, that is. Which is presumably 99% of yoyoers. :smiley:


I hate fun. >:(

I think I’m more into yoyos than yoyoing. I spend more time shopping for them, checking for restocks, and posting here than I do throwing. Strange.


I think theAC2 is crazy fast


My fastest YoYo is clearly the 3Y03 Ti-5.
I can barely keep up with it, but I really enjoy trying.


A Spin Dynamics Smooth Move is Quite fast. I love that thing


It’s fast for sure. And also fun!