Ultra Light Yoyos

I am in the market for a light yoyo, but I don’t know where to start. I would prefer it to be under 55g but other than that I don’t care about my preferences. I am not looking for a competition monster so spin times, stability, etc, don’t really matter. I am looking for a light, fun yoyo. Any recommendations?

The Whip is one yoyo I can really recommend, I put it has great spin times, vut isn’t on the very stable side, its stable but it’s not very stably. Also the YYF One looks interesting, also the Werrd Pacquio, I heard it’s a a great fun yoyo.

Uragment, Pacquiao, Code 1 with ultralights, those are about the lightest yet playable yoyos you’ll find. Any light plastics like the YYF One will for the most part play like complete garbage.


Thanks everyone! I have been looking for a uragment, but to no avail. However I have not checked the Bst so hopefully there will be one on there. Thanks again!

Pacquiao is amazing and specifically designed to be light like that

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I never knew the Pacquiao was so light! Makes me interested…

Just wanted to poke my head in and say that even if the Code 1 isn’t ultra-light by comparison, with ULs she plays really light and fun anyhow.

And also to agree that you don’t want something like the ONE, which will be a disappointment to you on many levels.

The original One was actually a really fun yoyos. It was essentially a really light lyn fury but has since been updated

Wow… I can’t believe I forgot about the Pacquiao and then overlooked it again. Thanks again everyone!

Actually I haven’t tried the YYF One, I find I like the Whip quite a bit, whatever, it might be because I put a YYJ Speed Bearing in it, I hated the stock one. Oh well :slight_smile:

The one drop 54 plays supper light and with ultra light side effects I’m sure it will play even lighter. It is by far my favorite light throw


Thanks for all the suggestions! I will definitely consider the 54 too.

I happened to like the ONE quite a bit.

I think the XS bonechip by difeyo is sub 60 with the weight rings out

THE best lightweight yoyo out there is the Werrd Pacquiao… it’s one of the few yoyos I actually use on a regular basis.


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I can hit all my tricks on a YYF ONE (almost all) so don’t go calling it garbage >:(

Just because you “can” hit your tricks doesn’t mean it’s not kinda terrible. I don’t know if it’s utter garbage, but it’s certainly not very good.

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This thread has shown me that I need to get my hands on a Pacquiao and a wood axle sleeve!

Thanks for all the advice! I think I am close to making a decision. However, I have recently heard of a brand called Slithering hippo. Has anyone tried them? How do they play?

Haven’t tried any but everything i’ve heard has been good and the designs are super unique.