Octave, Pacquiao, TOO H.O.T., or MFD Ape-X?

I’m not sure of what yoyo I want. I need the world’s help.

What I’m looking for in a yoyo is:

  • Light on the string
  • Thin width
  • Blasted for smooth grinds

Based off of my preferences that I just listed, any recommendations??? O_o

(I know the TOO H.O.T. isn’t out yet, but I’m sure you can get an idea of how it plays. I’m just not sure)

First off: I have only played the Pac from that list.

But I wanted to put this out there: the Pac is completely unlike any of those yoyos, and probably unlike any other yoyo. It just doesn’t get lighter on the string than the Pac, while still being perfectly fine for getting through tricks and combos.

It will not and will NEVER kill long combos. Just not enough mass to keep it spinning long enough.

But it’s an absolutely delightful yoyo. When you’ve tried a few different kinds of yoyos here and there, it’s time to add something unique to your collection. And if you want light on the string with good grinds, you need look no further than the Pac. It is… RIDICULOUS to play with. It makes you giggle at how light it is and yet you can still do your tricks… it’s not a “trainer yoyo” or a “gimmick”, it’s just a really light normal yoyo. It’s also narrower than most other choices.

I ain’t giving up my Pac. Like… ever. Fingers will never get fatigued chuckin’ that thing around.

FYI, if you noticed its weird looking spike, that’s for adding a hubstack kit if you ever feel like doing that. :wink: But you don’t have to, obviously.

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Thank you so much! Your recommendation has really had me re-evaluate my wants. I think the “Pac” is something I want. :slight_smile:

The original HOT is wide, not light, but kinda in between light and heavy. Nice float to it. Not thin though.

The Octave used to be one of my wants. I think it looks great, and based off of Anthony Rojas’s freestyles, it looks like it plays great! So you should go for Recrev. :wink:

Octave. It’s one of the best yoyos I’ve ever played, I love it. It fits everything you said except maybe light. It’s more of an in-between feel in weight on the string but it spins forever sooo. Get it and don’t look back.

i played w/ a too hot last thursday at the yyf tour 2014 (it was clint armstrongs 8)) they are amazing smooth and are going to only be priced a $45! they should be out pretty soon too. I am for sure picking one up for my self, (maybe even 2 ;)) they are amazing!!! ;D