Werrd Pacqiuao Review

Alright, so this is my first review, so I took the format of my review from yoyoskills.com . I am not trying to be a copycat but it seemed like a very good format and covered just about everything. Hope you guys like my Review!
Pacquiaco by Werrd

First Impression:
My Pacquiao arrived in a clear plastic box. They yoyo was held in place by a clear plastic holder inside the box, like the YYF boxes. I opened to box and took out my yoyo. WOW!!! The gold paint job is VERY eye catching. It is a very bright and shiny gold. On one half of the yoyo, the words werrd.com and pacquiao are printed on the cap. On the other half, a Pac-man with crossed bones is painted on the cap. Keep in mind that if you get any of the other colors, it will be a Pac-man Ghost instead of Pacman printed on the cap. There are spikes on the caps, But you can’t do matador play with them.

Comfort and Tech:
Diameter: 51 mm / 2.00 inches
Width: 40 mm / 1.57 inches
Weight: 49 grams
Response: .555 Chaz Pads
Compatible with any .555 pad
Bearing Size: Size C (.250 x .500 x .187)

The moment I picked up the yoyo, I knew it was different. Yes, this yoyo really is 49 grams. This is about… 16-17 grams lighter than most yoyos. It is bead-blasted, but it is a very smooth bead-blast. It has very thin rim walls, but they are no where near weak. The walls are somehow very durable. It has a nice deep and open IRG. It comes with a standard c-sized bearing. It was unresponsive and smooth. The only thing I didn’t really like was that this bearing was LOUD. you have to constantly lube to keep it quiet. The response pads it came with was one chaz pad and some sort of silicon pad. The Chaz pad was very very slippy. It felt like someone took a dried piece of clay and stuck it in the response groove. I ripped them out and put flowable silicon in. Then it worked fine

On a throw:
Wow, this thing is smoooth. It feels like you are throwing string. It is very stable and fast. Very fast. It responds to your smallest actions. The IRG is very easy to hook your thumb onto, so thumb grinds are a breeze. Arm grinds and palm grinds also pass with flying colors. There is a slight vibe on bad throws, but is perfectly smooth on a good throw.

Ok, so this section was my own idea. I decided to compare this to my YYF yuuksta, which a lot of undersized players have. I played my Pacquiao for about 30 minutes then put it down and played my yuuksta. My first thought? WHAT THE #$!& happened to my yuuksta? My Yuuksta has a much more solid presence on the string. My Yuuksta felt MUCH heavier then it use to. Compared to the Pac, My yuuksta was a brick. I’m not saying my Yuuksta is bad, I’m just saying that after you play with a Pacquiao, All other yoyo’s will feel MUCH heavier

Final Thoughts:
This yoyo is an absolute one of a kind. It’s name really fits. It is a lightweight yoyo that hits hard. This is a yoyo everyone has to at least try, because if you don’t, you are missing out. I highly reccomend this to anyone that wants to try something new or someone that loves undersized yoyos.

WARNING: All other yoyo’s will feel like a brick tied to a string after using this yoyo. Take care when throwing other yoyos after you throw the Werrd Pacquiao.

Tell me what you guys think about this review!

How are the spin times with the lower weight?

Since this yoyo has lots of the weight on it’s rims, it has some pretty good spin time. It spins long enough for even your longest combos

I just got my Pacqiuao, and wanted to comment on this thing vibe.
mine has a little bit of vibe. I don’t know what is your standard for smooth but for me
this thing has little bit more vibe than my gnarwhal.

Other than that it’s a great yo!