Available at Worlds 2010

A refresher on the specs:
    * Diameter: 51mm
    * Width: 40mm
    * Weight: 49 grams
    * Bearing Size: C
    * Response: Pad response

I’m speechless!!! :o Must get pacquiao!

that was really awesome!!

wow great yoyo.

I tried a Pacuiao in late '09 and that was a Ghost-Eating Monster. So light, but so, but so fast and smooth.

I want one!!! (:V) <–Pacman!!

Werrd… ;D

awesome vid… pacquiao is also a famous boxer in the phillipines(Manny(pacman)Pacquiao)

correct… and he’s a great lightweight boxer and the Pacquiao is a great lightweight yoyo, funny about that ;D