Werrd Pacquiao Review


Hey guys! camera editing is messing up on me so hopefully there will be a video review in the future. Going on though we have here is the new Werrd throw, the Pacquiao. Named after the boxer, Manny Pacquiao, he was the first in history to win seven world titles, in seven different weight divisions. These divisions were also the ‘lightest’ divisions in pro boxing. That being said, you can bet this plays fast, and light.


Diameter 51mm
Width 40mm
Weight 49 G
Response .555 Chaz pad/ghost pad
Bearing C size
Finish Soft bead blast

Impressions and Throw

The yoyo just looks amazing! The lazer engraving, the spikes, ano, pretty epic.
With it being 49 grams, I’ve never thrown anything this light before. For me, it took
a couple of minutes to get use to due to its weight. But after, it’s a major blast!
Very smooth on the string with my rating of 9/10 in the dead smooth category. It’s
barely noticeable unless you run your finger nail on it but it’s hardly there, but just enough
to let you know it’s spinning.

Floaty in a good way, it will go as fast as you want it and extra
if you really want to push it.
you have been warned
Spin time is decent, but to me, not too amazing. Scale wise, I’d say it’s about 7/10 but it could just be my throw. Grinds/IRG is nice though and the binds are nice and tight that come up whenever I needed it to. There is no kickback and to my knowledge so far, no snag.

Comparison shots


All in all this throw really surprised me. It gave me the feel of a whole new throw, it felt refreshing.
There’s not much to complain or to put on the downside, other than the fact that maybe there could
have been more spin time, or the finish for grinds could have been better but I have to say first of all that I have been spoiled with my General Yo bead blasted yoyos so I’m just being picky there haha. I would recommend this yoyo to anyone that’s been interested in this throw, and or somebody who wants something to add in their collection.

great review do you like werrd or general yo better?

I gotta be in a neutral position between the two companies. Just due to the fact this is the only
Werrd yo I have, I do have general’s mag,hat,mini,and essence proto. I’d like to get more Werrd yoyos
but so far both Werrd and General are up in my top favs.

omg he’s back! How was going on tour?

Pacman \o/

Actually really good :slight_smile: back for a week and I got this throw so I got another addition to bring with me on the road. People love the yoyoing and hope it gets more people to jump on. Will try to do a review later in my tour of the General Yo Essence proto.

Nice review!

Also, stock response is 1 Chaz pad, 1 Ghost pad

Love my Pac. One response setup you might want to try, I have my orange Pac set up with two thin Gen-yo Hat Pads and find the response to be spot on perfect. I am sure you have a couple AHt Pads laying about. :slight_smile: