Anyone else once thought "Werrd" company was called "Weird"?

Up untill a few months ago when someone was showing off their collection and had some Werrd throws and pronounced it like “word” I then took a closer look & realized that “word” is the right pronouciation. Before that I thought they were called “Weird” for all these years hahaha.

I mean it kinda makes sence, they have unique and weird designs, weird names, just alot of the stuff about them is WEIRD! Hahah. I dont mean weird in a bad way, more 'hey thats a weird concept, oh wow its awesome!!" They are def a style of their own and I havent had the chance to own a Werrd but have played a few and they play awesome and have a very unique feeling. I know its just a simple mistake but its kinda funny. I guess my brain just thought “Weird” and had that implanted into my memory, also with the weird/unique/experimental/cool yoyos they have made they either have a weird design, or name, or both. Like the paquino (means small in spanish if u dont know that), its a 49 gram yoyo!!! Most companies wont even think of going outside the safe 60-70 grams, and when they rarely do its a couple grams like 59 or 71. Werrd went 11 grams outside that and made a great fun WEIRD throw! Im sure if u want to get technical you can think of smth but when I think of yoyos I cant think of ANY that are even similar to the Paqino! Same with alot of other yoyos by Werrd!

So I cant be the ONLY one, is there anyone else that will admit that they thought Werrd was called “Weird” instead???

Up until this post thought it was weird… Mind blown :open_mouth:

paquino= Pacquiao

I always knew this ones name because of pac-man. If I hadn’t known about pac-man I would’ve never pronounced this right.

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I still pronounce it that way. I heard it pronounced the right way one time and was like whaaaa… I thought weird fit because they have some interesting characters on their team.

This never crossed my mind. I sounded out Werrd, when I saw it, and it just couldn’t be anything else in my mind, but that. But, it looks like you’re not alone. :-\

Actually, Werrd, is a very ancient word. It is Ukrainian in Origin.

In the Ukrainian language, it mean ‘something Amazing’.

Translated to English, it is ‘Phenom’. <> which likewise, stands for ‘something Amazing’.

The word is pronounced, Fih-nomm.

I seriously read that information , uh, in a Book. The Book is titled,’ It’s a Small, Small World’, by Manny Pequeno.



I’m with TA, I always just sounded it out especially after reading on YoYo Wiki that it was a contraction/ abbreviation of “Word Up” but I was aware that the mistake has been made, if I remember what I was told correctly it was actually at a contest too :stuck_out_tongue:

@Doc that’s pretty cool stuff, and very “full circle”

also the Pac-I’m-not-even-going-to-bother-trying-to-spell-the-rest-of-it-o :stuck_out_tongue: was named after the boxer Manny Pac-I’m-not-typing-all-that-again-o :stuck_out_tongue: for his attributes of being small but punching well above his weight just like the yoyo was intended to (and does), I guess it’s just another case of things in life coming “full circle”

@yoyodoc - couldn’t help but chuckle. :wink:

As for the company name, I always spotted it because while I’m being an idiot (come to think of it, can’t find the off switch) I will often tell/text people “werrrrd” in agreement with something they say.

People are always calling us weird :frowning:

Lol, it’s ok though… We are a very interesting bunch. Glad you guys love us. We love you too :slight_smile:

^ I get it all the time…

I’ve always pronounced it the was it’s apparently supposed to be since I’ve heard of it. Never even really considered it would be something else.

But, on a slightly unrelated but still pretty much on topic note, I love how the call Worlds “Werrlds.” That never gets old to me. :smiley:

It’s actually named after a boxer.

He knows, he was just correcting the OP’s spelling error.

The Pac is a great throw. It may seem like a bit of a novelty, but the weight seems to work very nicely. Another throw from Werrd I really enjoy is the Poo. The Smurf Blue one I have is stunning!

I just read the whole thread and somebody else had already pointed it out.

Yeah, I see Logan Willis all the time, he told me how to pronounce it. :stuck_out_tongue:

So a friend of mine actually steered me in the wrong direction about this before…he pronounced it “weird” and it stuck with me for a short period of time. But then, after that “short period of time”, I began to realize that it is pronounced “word” according to its spelling. And then, I believe that my suspicion was confirmed at Worlds. So yeah.

Yeah I remember reading somewhere its actually the Paquio (or however thats spelled) from Manny Paquio, I have been calling it the “Paquino” because I thought it was a play on it being small/lightweight hahah.

I guess that makes 2 things that I pronounced wrong hahaha. I dont get to spend much time w other yoyoers so if I only see it online & its weird spelling or smth then my brain probly turns it into smth Im firmiliar with hahah.

Glad Im not alone though! Gotta get a WEIRD yoyo sometime soon! Hahaha

Yeh, but Skip, you’re a special kind of weird, you named your signature POO :stuck_out_tongue: but god is it good :wink: