Werrd Trick Contest - Dice Grind v3 - 5a banger - Jake Elliott

I saw you do this at worlds and really wanted to say something, but you looked busy. It was (and still is) AMAZING. Keep up the good work I really like your style man :smiley:

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Wow. I haven’t seen a 5A Video in a while.
And now I see this. Exactly how far has 5A come…

Thanks man! And you should have said something :slight_smile:

Dice grinds, man. They’re the future of 5a.

Too bad the YYJ classic is incapable of em LOL
Its okay though.
When I get my 5A summit back, I’m gonna really get serious with 5A

I can do them on just about any yoyo with even a small lip to prevent the yoyo from slipping off. I’ve landed a few successful ones of a classic, but it’s really tough.

I would think so!
I’m gonna try it eventually though! :slight_smile:
Best part is, No need for a grind finish!

You’re a boss

What?! That’s crazy! I have got to learn that!

That might be the cleanest I’ve seen you make that trick. Nice job.

ma bro XD nice job and still rocking that no shoe epicness XD

Why thank you.

Barefoot is the way to go man.

Just gonna bump this thing up right here…

That’s just so trippy dude. I can’t stop watching it!