The 5A Essential Series - Josh Yee

For years I’ve wanted to start a 5A essentials video series and even more so after I won US Nationals in 2017. For the year of 2020 I have finally made the dream into a reality!

For the month of May I will be uploading many videos that are meant for newer 5A players, as well as some videos for the more skilled 5A players as well.

These videos aren’t necessarily “trick tutorials” but videos of 5A trick theory, concepts, understanding of different ideas, and what makes certain tricks “work”. Each video will dive very deep into an idea for a greater understanding.

Check the intro, and check out the two videos also in the playlist series “3 Common Misconceptions of 5A” and “The first trick you should learn!”

Many more to come so be sure to subscribe if you are interested!

Thanks all :slight_smile:


Super interested in this. Can you make a YT playlist so I can add it to the 5A knowledge database thread?


That is one of the best announcements I have heard in years.

Me and Josh aren’t pen pals… but I met him way back when he was a Krazy kid.

He had some good skills waaay back then. And each year he just seemed to get even better.

No fear of tackling any division learning curves. 1A, 2A, 3A, 4A and 5A; no matter.

Josh got good enough to enter the Ironman Challenges. Competing in All 5 divisions and doing very well in each.

Josh Yee, Grant Johnson and Yoshi Mikamoto, all Ironmen. And if you have had the opportunity to see any or all of them. You know you have witnessed Skills developed over years. Regardless of natural potential.

Josh competed in 5A in numerous Contests with varied results. But when he won 5A at Nats in 2017; the competition was tough. But in 2017 it just didn’t matter.

Josh brought his game and was firing on all cylinders. Determination, motivation, stage experience and any other positives I haven’t already mentioned, dictated the results.

There are a good number of 5A players in the World today.

But Josh has the depth of both experience and conceptual recognition to be the perfect candidate to spell it out for a lot of us willing to wrap our heads Around the skills that took him years to develop.

Josh is a Badd Man with an excellent 5A plan.

Thanks Josh… good 5A days ahead…


So stoked to see this unravel <3


Good videos>


I am having trouble with the 720. The yoyo keeps falling out of the trapeze after the first rotation and then just flies to the ground. :confounded:


Just remember to practice your 5A with you most Expensive yoyo… And always throw directly over concrete or asphalt.

That will Force you to really concentrate on your road to success.


i pulled up some of the flooring in my house and put down some asphalt cold patch where i like to throw. this ensures i don’t have to go anywhere for that effect

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Let the yoyo lead. Practice it slowly and controlled and it will click. It’s very similar to doing isolations with poi( if you spin poi😎)

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Electronic fans - How to do them, variations, history, and WHY THEY CAUSED CONTROVERSY IN THE COMPETITION SCENE!


New video! Bee-sting! Variations and why it’s so important!


A classic trick with a lot of importance! VINE!


love it! #5amay

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This ONE TRICK will lead to 4 different resulting mounts!


Your contributions are greatly appreciated @HaruRay!


5A PLAYERS! I challenge you all to try this trick!
Todays tutorial is for advanced and intermediate 5A players and is a tough concept to grasp, but super satisfying when it clicks!


This is an excellent first combo to learn that combines things you already know!


Next up to finish off 5AMay is a valuable concept for the more advanced 5A players to grasp and work with. I designed this concept years ago and it ended up helping me make leaps and bounds in understanding combo building. I now share this knowledge with you :3


This is a super stylish flourish to add to any trick or combo that happens to end in a GT!