WERRD... Official Manufacturers Thread - WIN A POO....!


Yes, we’ve got a problem…we’re in a bind. We’ve got some poo and we don’t know what to call it. We need a name. That’s where you can help.

This is a limited edition Werrd Poo colourway (Skip’s signature throw).
We’re giving one away to the person who gives it the most creative name.
What kind of Poo is this?

Post your wittiest ideas to the thread on Facebook at the link below:

Best name will be decided by our impartial panel of monkeys in September so get your creative juices flowing…!
Good luck and may the best Poo win.

Conditions of entry (see our blog at www.werrd.com Poo competition for details)

Over 500 responses already…

I need to watch what I eat :-X

Well considering I dont have a facebook ill just post them right here…
Number 3
Doctor Visit

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yeah me too :smiley: heres mine wasted POOza the POObaminal POO man spotted lizzard green fiend mega green slime toxic waste POOlution

diarrhea!! come’on thats a winner! plus i never win anything:(

when does the contest end?

Lala poopsie (made with magic and love), yo mamas poo, Poop the clutch, yuky slack, last nights dinner.

Contest ends September 19. We may move it up a bit given the massive response. ;D Keep an eye on the Werrd Tumblr for updates.

My personal favorite.

UPDATE on the Name Our Poo Comp: We need to give away Skip’s Poo and we want to do it soon. We can’t wait to get rid of it (well it makes your hand smell) So we’re going to close this competition early. Last entries accepted 12 midnight EST on Saturday August 27. We’ll announce the winner early next week.

Some great entries so far. Just a few hours to go and we get to hand Skip’s Poo on to its new owner (and finally get some fresh air).

puked up slime edition / kicked green poo splatter / POOnade (grenade) / POOlicious (delicious) BEEF / POOgantic (gigantic) global POOming

More then dings from walking the dog, The yoo you don’t want to return, mushy madness, Proffeser Poopiepants.

No facebook so heres what I got: The GLOB, MARSH, The BIG Poo, Green Mess, Atomic Booger, Slime Monster, Slimer, Winnie the POO!

Werrd Poo, I like that name.

I’m pretty proud of my entry: Two Fat Ladies One Cup


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It`s a Werrd Poonivurse

vomit,diarrhea, poo’n’pee,
One of those has to be good ??? :slight_smile:
plus Ive never won anything :’( :frowning:

wow…ur cool! lol will any of the entries on YYE have a chance to win??