Help me get every Werrd yoyo! Look inside if you have a werrd throw for trade:-)

Hey everyone! I am trying to obtain every werrd yoyo that the company has ever made. Crazy right? Lol, I am gonna try to keep this post up until I get them all! At the moment, I can only trade. I will try to trade in your favor!! I may be able to buy later on. I will let you know when. All of werrds yoyo’s:(let me know if I miss any)
These are just the ones I now need!
Rozzor 2
Mystery Meat

I believe this is all of werrds yoyo’s. Please let me know if I missed one or two. Pm me if you have any of the werrds I don’t have. Please help me get them.
Thank you, Jeffrey

you should go to worlds this year. if they have a booth, you should be able to get a lot of those. I wish I had brought more cash last year, because they had rozzors and rozzor 2s for 50, poos for I think 100, pacquiaos for 90, and I think beefs for I don’t remember how much. They also had jimmy hats for 5 bucks a set, knifus for free, and watchamacallits for 2 bucks.
and I’m pretty sure that’s everything. I’m trying to do the same thing. so far I have a tfl, 4xl, pacquiao, split d, irony, poo, and a rhinoplasty.

I really wish I could go to worlds… When I get some money I am going to contact werrd and see if I can buy stuff directly from them…