Werrd up!

Hey everyone! I just noticed that there’s no werrd “show off” posts so, here you can post any werrd swag! Yoyo’s, hats, stickers, any and all werrd stuff! I will post my stuff as soon as I get my irony:D Can’t wait to see what you guys have!

My beloved Split D, the only Werrd I currently own (sold my TFL :slight_smile:

Nice! I think I have the same split D. These things are amazing!!!

My contest pair:

Nice irony’s!!! Just found out I’m getting an irony:) super excited! Now I will have 2 splits, irony, 4th, possibly a paq… I love werrd

Hey does anyone know where to buy one of the werrd wooden cw’s?

What? A CW? who said it was a CW? It’s just a ball of wood.

No I don’t know where to buy the BALLS OF WOOD, but if I did, I would own more than one, I received mine upon purchase of a Pacquiao at Werrlds 2010, along with a Werrd yoyo holster, a Werrd energy drink, and a tin of pac-man-themed candy.

Oh I thought it Was a cw… Facepalm! Lol

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it is a wooden ball but if you happen to pull some string through it and attach it to your yoyo, it could be used as a counterweight.

Precisely. Let’s avoid lawsuits, here.

Haha! I am hoping to get my irony Tuesday, so I will put pics of my werrd family then:)

“Wooden balls with holes in them” are not for sale, but if you come see me at the Werrd table at Werrlds I’ll hook you up.

Sweet. Count on seeing me.

Wow, awesome! pretty sweet collection.

I don’t have any Werrd’s yet, but once the Tre drops I will definantly pick that up.

Here’s a few of the new Werrd throws we’ve been playing around with in he office: Sentinel, half nickel, half black nickel, a Mystery Meat with BadDecision Hangover Donuts, a BadDecision with Mystery Meat rims, and a red Hour with custom caps. The black one is the black and silver splash edition Hour (which I can’t put down).



Now THAT is a Sentinel.

I created a new account. Nice throws mark! Haha, they play amazing too:)

My first (and definitely not my last) Werrd.

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