ED HAPONIK/BOUNTY/NEW RELEASES - Werrd Official Manufacturer's Thread

Current news:

The Hour is upon us, for the WERRD BOUNTY! That’s right, we’ve put put a bounty out on all contests of regional level or higher. Ranging from $100-$1000 worth of prizes! Get the details here:


If you have entered the video contest but have not received a confirmation email from yours truly, please resend the link to rsj@werrd.com with ‘werrd contest’ somewhere in the title! Thanks!

Why aren’t you checking out the photos and specs of the Werrd Sentinel!?


More photos here:

Specs here:

Voting for the repeater contest is up! Check out all of the great entries, and vote, here:


So I’m stuck in a hotel with a camera phone right now, these totally aren’t good enough for official release photos, but check out some of the yoyos we released at Worlds!

InDecision with ‘hangover’ rims.

Nickel Plated Bad Decision with ‘hangover’ rims


Eric Tranton’s signature yoyo the Tre

FHZ comparison shots, just because:

Gold plated sentinel comparison just 'cause

LOVIN the new line up… I need to get my hands on a Werrd!!

Only thing missing is the Irony JP… would love to see a size comparison next to the FHZ! Or is the Irony JP same specs as the Irony GBA? …Just with the hubs changed of course?!

Yeah, I don’t have one…we sold out at Worlds before I called dibs, haha! I will have one soon, and get some pics up ASAP!

The profile is the same as the Irony but minor changes were made; it was shorted by about .25-.5 a mil to round it out and make it softer when you catch it and it was widened by about the same amount. These changes sound almost too small to matter, but believe me, they make a big difference! Additionally, the weight has been raised dramatically, bringing it in just under 68 grams. It is truly a beast.

All of them look really cool.

I really like the Tre. It looks awesome. Do you have specs for it? And how does it play? And when will it be released? …a lot of questions. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve never owned a Werrd but I think I might be getting one soon!

Tre specs:

Weight: 66.2 grams
Diameter: 56.70 mm
Width: 42.15 mm

How does it play? I will defer you to this:

In short: sick nasty.

Pre-release happened at the World yoyo contest, full release with laser engraving should be in stores soon!

Wow, looks amazing. I love the specs. I can’t wait for this one to drop!

Added a thread to the videos section where we’ll be posting all werrd related videos in the future, feel free to add your own, too:


You might have heard elsewhere, but we’ve added the first four members to our new ‘Wrecking Crew’. More details to follow on that.

In the mean time, we’d like to welcome:

AJ Busch

Wilson Van Gundy

Logan Willis

and Gavin Lent

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Werrd on the street is Andre’s dropping Hours real soon.

Also, be sure to check out our newly created video thread. We’ll be posting videos there from here on out: http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,47425.0.html

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Hours and Sentinels drop TOMORROW night, here at yoyoexpert! Check it out:



We’re also planning on having some shenanigans in the YYE chatroom to celebrate the releases, free stuff will be involved, details to come!

Once again, hard to keep the cat in the bag with him repping at Ohio states, today we announce the latest addition to Wrecking Crew: Alex Curfman! At Ohio states today Alex got 1st in Open Division and 3rd in 1A! Great job Alex, and great to have you be a part of Werrd.

Check out Alex’s most recent video, which features the Werrd Hour below:

Sunday September 2nd (that’s tomorrow :wink: at 9 PM EST we will be giving away some goodies right here in the Yoyoexpert chatroom to celebrate the YYE release of the Hour and Sentinel.

Be there if you want a chance to get some of this:

Give away starts in an hour, ;D

I’m here and I would love some freebies. Gotta love freebies.

Wait is it in the forums or chatroom?

Read the title. Chatroom.

Great chat! Thanks for everyone who participated. Congrats to the winners of the swag!