Werrd - **Updated**!!! -- Photo Competiton. Win a new Gold Werrd Irony GBA!

New Competition We’re redecorating and we need your help!

Design Werrd wallpaper or forum signature and if we love it, we’ll put it up on www.werrd.com with your name credited against it. Top designs for Werrd wall paper and Werrd forum sig will win a Werrd throw (type to be determined). All designs will go up on Werrd.com for download!


Wallpaper size: 1124x768 (wide screen resolutions ok, provided they are sized correctly for the format and marked as such).

Signature should be no greater than 500x200 pixels in size.

Post your entries here or to Facebook.

Each person can enter 3 times per category. That means you can enter 3 desktop wall papers and 3 forum signature graphics.

Competition will close September 14, midnight.

(Small print…Please note, by sending an entry you agree that your entry belongs to Werrd and are also certifying to us that your entry doesn’t infringe on anyone’s copyright. Judges determination is final. If we love it, it might just win.) :wink:

How do you make a wallpaper, and what is a signature???

So, is this desktop wallpaper or website wallpaper?

and, is the Signature for Team members or Werrd in general?

From what I understand it is a desktop wallpaper.

As far as the signature it can be a general Werrd one, it can showcase your favorite Alliance member and if you want you can make one for Alliance members only to use (if it something we like we may actually use it!!). It’s up to you, make it what you want and if it’s one we like it will be put up on werrd.com for people to download and use as their forum signatures.

Can not wait to see what people come up with!

What Kahli said ;D

Wallpapers for desktop. Siggies for general use (by anyone who wants to download them) and if you feel like doing something nice for Werrd Alliance, you can make one for them to use. The idea is to have some different forum signatures for people who want to support Werrd to download from werrd.com.

fresh off the press, I present to you:

pacman - pacquiao
ghosts - poo
cherry - Irony
Power ups - werrd logos




BTW: Updated comp rules. Competition ends September 14. Each person can enter a total of 3 times per category (that means, 3 desktop wall papers and 3 siggies). I’ll update the top thread too.

anddd a wallpaper submission

Just a mosaic of all the pics I found on your tumblr

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You say no copyright infringement, but I’m assuming that we are allowed to use the werrd logo?

edit to avoid double post: anyway, here’s an entry for the sig… it isn’t exactly how I originally wanted, but I think it came out ok as a fairly simple design, considering that my knowledge of gimp extends to when I started making it


Here is my first entry hope you enjoy

Wallpaper attached below

signature coming soon!

I liked the old contest better, at least I could make a funny name. LoL

You can, of course, use Werrd and Werrd related logos.

Here is the signature!
I enjoyed this getting fans involved is a major ++

If you do decide to go with one of my designs I would be happy to edit the size to whatever desired specifications you need.

Well this is just to much fun ill probably do three of each :slight_smile:

The more the merrier I suppose!

These are amazing!

Hey if any of your alliance members would like a sig just let me know
I can personalize them using there pics , names, etc.

Hope you’ve enjoyed looking at them as much as I have enjoyed creating them!

Here is another Wallpaper :slight_smile:

and another hahaa

and here is the final sig!

It’s been allot of fun!

3 wallpaper images :slight_smile:

EDIT: You’ll have to steal the actual links to get the full size images, scaled to the requested size. The direct links are www.kyostoys.com/pics/werrd1s.jpg and just change it to werrd2s.jpg and werrd3s.jpg for the full size images, this board auto scales things down.





Wow… Some amazing entries… you guys rock!

Today’s the last day for this competition. We’ll be judging it and will announce the winner later this week!