ED HAPONIK/BOUNTY/NEW RELEASES - Werrd Official Manufacturer's Thread

Giveaway is over, thanks everyone who came and participated! Hope you all had fun.

Be sure to check out the Werrd Hour and Sentinel in the yoyoexpert.com store, now available. The Hour is currently available at a discounted released price of 59.99! Get on that!

When/Where might these hats be available?

At yoyoexpert, soon!


Waiting on a fresh batch of new split decision concept donuts from our machinist. Yumm Going to look pretty sweet on the new *Decision bodies we pre-released at Werrlds, I think.

Any idea on when the ironyJP will be dropping here?

Irony JP dropping soon. It’s currently being laser engraved. Then we need to ship it to stores. So…a couple of weeks max?

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Just a quick note to let everyone know that…Roland Kovacs is now on Werrd Wrecking Crew! Welcome Roland.

Here’s a video he did for our repeater contest.

It’s a double header announcement! Also now representing Werrd is Donald Hodgkinson! Check him wrecking at Worlds this year:

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The Hour is upon us, for the WERRD BOUNTY! That’s right, we’ve put put a bounty out on all contests of regional level or higher. Ranging from $100-$1000 worth of prizes! Get the details here:

Hey, so how do you pronounce Werrd?
Is it like “Weird”?
Or is it like "Word?
Im guessing its like word because of the phrase “Werrd up”. Correct?

You’re right, it’s like “Word” not “weird” (although we can be pretty weird :smiley: )

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Irony JPs heading for YYE right now! This year its been really hard to know which Werrd to play there have been so many outstanding throws. Between the HOUR and the Sentinel I never knew what to pick up. Adding this will only make the decison harder. I’m loving the Irony JP. I think we should make more of them personally.

I’m not sure when they’re dropping on YYE but the shipment has been sent. So look for these in the store really soon.


** New Contest!! – Werrd Banger Trick Video Contest **


Details here (and below as well for your convenience):


We consider “Banger Tricks” to be a Single trick that stands out, that is explosive. Imagine everyone seeing stars while you’re doing it…this is a jaw-dropping trick. Please don’t bore us with a combo. keep it short, sharp and shiny. Leave us breathless.

Here are the details again so you don’t have to leave YYE to read them:
The theme for this contest is simple:
Film your best banger and send us a link to the vid. The best banger trick you’ve got. We want to see it.

There will be two lucky winners chosen as the favorite by Werrd. One for best banger as voted by us…and one lucky random winner. Yep, we’re doing that again. Just by entering you could win. The lucky random winner will be in the running for a Werrd HOUR. If you win best banger trick you will win a Werrd Irony JP.

To be eligible to win:

Your video must not exceed 30 seconds in length (it’s a banger, remember, not a combo - so your vid should be fairly short.).

Your video must be hosted on a publicly accessibly streaming site (like youtube or vimeo).

You must email a link to your video to andrew@werrd.com

The deadline for entry is midnight October 21 EST. The prize for best trick is an Irony JP - color choice is at our discretion. Prize for lucky random winner is a Werrd HOUR – color at our discretion.

Nice spread for Werrd at the US National yoyo contest; Alex Curfman at 5th place, Eric Tranton at 3rd place, and Donald Hodgkinson in 2nd place!

In international news, Carlos Braun just brought home 2nd place in the 1A division at the German National Yoyo Contest.

Great job, guys!

For all you forum goers that don’t check out fb/instagram, here are some sneak peaks you’ve been missing out on:

Mystery yoyo…

Myster logo…(Rumor has it that it has to do with…string?)

Snapbacks and JPs are in! Get 'em while they last!


Hey just wanted to thank Werrd for the t-shirt I won in their trivia contest, and thank you to Eddie Murphy. It’s a very nice shirt and I’ll be wearing it out!

Got one of your snapbacks in my cart!
They look pretty awesome

When is the indecision and the bad decision going to be released?

Donald Hodgkinson has won the 1st Werrd Bounty. He became PNWR 3A champion using two Werrd HOURs and has now won his choice of any Werrd throw in our current range (or something special from the vault if we have what he wants).

Congrats Donald!