Evil Yo give away!! from MonkeyfingeR


We are going away an evil-yo for the naming of our latest colourway. Check out our facebook for more details. Just search for MonkeyfingeR Design. NOW NAME THAT COLOURWAY!!


where can we submit entries?
I don’t have a facebook account.


just email it in to us. Deadline is Nov17



can you post a link to your fb page?


Cool thanks!
Also, is there a limit to the amount we can submit or amount of times we can e-mail?



there is no limit guys enter as many times as you like. keep those entries coming!!!


come post on facebook for my name IrishSpring… i might actually win that evil yo !!! please


The short list is on our facebook. Winner will be announce tomorrow. Huge thanks to everyone for helping with the new name. We had a fantastic response.

Thanks Everyone!!



I didnt make the list :-\

I personally think my “Toxic Waste” sounds a bit better then some of the ones picked.


(WildCat23) #11

I wish mine had been chosen;
Monkey Guts.


not to worry my friend! we are getting really close to hitting 350 likes on facebook. As soon as that happens we are putting up another throw for give away with a brand new contest. Keep watching we are at 316 as of this morning. If that keeps up we will be at 350 in less then 2 weeks. Thanks for your entries!




theres going to be runner ups and such right