Monkeyfinger Facebook contest and news here

(JustisEvans) #1

Hey all you forum members.  If YOU dont know what monkeyfingerdesign then ill tell you what it is.  MFD is a new brand which has semi-privately been selling yoyo supplies and sponsoring a great monkey crew.  I am proud to be one of those monkeys.  Although mfd has only sold in HSYY and their store at doenst mean it wont end up here or some other store soon.  Follow or Facebook page to see when you can pick up your own of the evil-yo series and for contest info.  There is one right now all you have to do is follow or Facebook page and scroll down and vote on a poll that is titled contest. :slight_smile:


hey my colorway name got picked to be in the top like 10 names ( IrishSpring) so i you would please go on facebook and post for my colorway name IrishSpring i might actually win it!!! ;D ;D ;D


I was already looking at design ideas for the One Drop code 3 whenever it came out and this was basically the exact design I was wanting to create so I’m hoping to try one of these out to see if they are as good as I think they would be.


no this is for an Evil yo from monkefingeR you pick the name of the color way thats what im trying to win


you missed his point. He was basically coming up with his own design for one drop and monkey finger made it first. Now he wants to try it to see if it’s as good a he hoped for.


aww i get now, i think no one would be dissapointed with an evil yo


Darn, my two suggestions didn’t make the list.

Oh well. The ones they put up are mostly in my opinion BETTER than mine. But hey, whatever strikes a chord with them…

If it was a solid color, I’d want to get one… or maybe do it in blue instead.