werrd hour vs. supernova


Christmas is comin up! Which one should i be asking for?
They both look so incredible!


I have the hour and it is great. It is a bit big to me, but that is how I like it.


i got the supernova with the election sale. i haven’t played with the hour but i don’t think you’ll be disappointed with the supernova one bit.

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I think this comes down to a preference as i have tried both yoyos and they both perform amazingly! Take not though that the Hour is cheaper, and made of 7075 aluminum which yoyofactory charges 20$ more for. My opinion though goes to the Hour.


Its a wierd how can you go wrong.


I have both. The Hour and the USA made Kojo 7075 edition of the Supernova. They both came with center trac bearings which are kind of loud to me so I put kk bearings in them. Once I did that, they quieted down a bit. They both play well but the Werrd is bigger. That being said, I prefer the Supernova. It feels better to me.


It depends what you like. The hour has a bigger diameter, is lighter, and plays faster. The supernova has a smaller diameter, weighs more, and doesn’t play as fast.


What he^ said.

I have the Jon Rob 7075 Supernova as well as a first run. They both play very similar.
Just picked up an Hour a week ago havent put it down since nor had a desire to pick up the Supernova
It is just perfectly balance from size to wieght to shape. Im normally a smaller yo guy. But this thing is amazing. I would personally recommend the hour due to cost play and finish. If the Supernova had a blasted finish it might sway me a more.

I doblike the colorways of the SN though.