Werrd hour or YYF G Funk

I told my friend to get the hour but he still can’t decide!

My vote is for the hour. but I also just really like werrd, so my vote might be a little biased.

With the g funk being one of my favorite yoyos, id recommened the g funk. But those yoyos are verrryyy different! Ask for his preferences.

Good at handling and a fun collection YoYo.

My friend has made a decision of getting the hour:)

Good, the hour is one of the best yoyos you can buy for it’s price. Fantastic Choice.

Your friend is a wise man.

It’s WilliamB now, I told him that the G Funk was like a DV888 but with the shape of a super g,(cause it is) and let him try my Hour a bazillion times. Cause I really didn’t want him to be disappointed if he got the g funk. And the hour is one of my BEST YoYo’s! Thanks guys!