For Christmas and my birthday (Feb.14th) I am going to get 2 yoyos, which are not that exensive. I’m thinking of buying the dark magic 2 with the acid rims, Werrd Hour, or G-Funk by YYF. Which 2 yoyos should I buy, and which order should I buy? I mean like if one is limited edition then I should buy it first before it gets sold out. Plz someone help me!!! :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:


I like warred myself u can’t lose on ether one
booth are great yos


Dark Magic 2 for sure and flip a coin on the Hour and the G-Funk (I liked the G-Funk better but its up to you not me). The DM2 won’t get sold out that easily. It’s André’s signature yoyo he restocks very often. In fact I’m getting a second DM2 in the mail Monday (Limited Edition Black Spade autographed) if you get the acid wash DM2

•you won’t regret it

•you can get it autographed if you ask in the special instructions( you can get any yoyo auto’d by André)

•plays like a full metal throw

•Throw in a Konkave bearing and it plays like the best!


Thanks!!! Ur Awesome!!! ;D ;D ;D


Psh,… I know :wink: lol :smiley: