Werrd hour, prototype and dv888

So i need a bit of money and i haven’t yoyod in about 2 years so i figure iw ould try to sell my yoyos that aren’t memorable to me

The first one is my werrd hour which is still in pretty decent condition with 2 dings and still throws great.
50$ for it preferably can probably be talked down tbh

The second is my prototype and its pretty awful tbh.
It has a vibe to it but its not awful. I was throwing this over my hour most of the time but that might of just been my preference.

Last is the dv888 and im just going to say 5-10$ because it is in doody condition.

It doesnt have a vibe like the protostar but it still has a small one, despite the scratches and dings it actually throws pretty great.

I think they all have the standard concave bearing they came with.
Pm me if your interested