For Sale: Many throws, take a look! LF: Loop900/1080/Money

Please look around and express interest!

my feedback from way back when.

Here’s a line of what I have

In order from left to right:
envy 64, barebones, transitional fh1, vk, peak, jamboo, 5star gen2, tfl, mint, zzip-fly, the cut

This Very NICE playing Blue VK $45
Plays Smooth like it should
Some minor marks

now this thing is a beauty
a RARE mint no box custom anodized MINT $55
It’s a yoyo Doug from BBYY made for some one I don’t know. He didn’t make that many and I have like 1 of 3 d bearing sized version (the rest are small bearings)
If anyone has anymore information, please let me know
I got this anodized and now it’s better than simple grey.

YYF California $20
This yoyo is kinda messed because I tried super gluing one of the axles and messed up. Now its imbalanced. Can probably fix it by taking out the axle and putting a new one in.
From what I know, these play REALLY nice when set up right.

YYF Grind Machine 2 $65
This is the Genesis predecessor.
I put white hubstacks since it was cooler than black.
Great throw. Just some cosmetic nicks. No big deals.

Green Duncan Freehand-Zero $25
Selling it because I never liked small bearing yoyos
This is pad recessed with some orings. Satined. Cracked caps but sparkly caps.
Some nicks around the yoyo.

Duncan YYN Edition Glow-in-the-Dark Freehand-Zero $35
This is silicone recessed with the nice red silicone.
Plays like a champ. GLOWS IN THE DARKKK

YYF School Bus Yellow Plastic Grindmachine $35 (Comes with Dif-E-Yo Concave Bearing)
Very smooth plastic yoyo
My pick up yoyo for when I want to learn 5a

YYF Gold Colored Superstar $75
Plays smooth. Just some wears in the color and scratches.

YYF Military Green Hard-Coated DV888 $65
I got this through a friend from a local meet in SoCal.
The hard coat is no joke. It pretty much doesn’t get scratched at all.
VERY smooth and solid yoyo.

All the yoyos are open offers, so just send me a message of what yoyo and how much

shipping costs $5 con US

Here is my flickr with a bunch of additional pictures:

Loop 900/1080
paypal money