FT: YYF DNA | LF: Anything

For Trade: YoYoFactory DNA

This yoyo looks gorgeous and plays great!
It is blue with a purple acid wash and comes with translucent green hubstacks.
The stock white hubstacks will also be included with the yoyo.
It has brand new response pads and will come with the stock YYF flat bearing.
I would consider this yoyo near mint.
I do not have the box.
This throw has 2 shallow anodization burns and 1 miniscule pinprick.
The ano burns are pictured below, and the pinprick is too small to photograph.


I am not looking for any specific yoyos, so feel free to offer anything with a fair value.
Please only offer mint or near mint throws.
PM me with trade offers.


James May

I have a blue with gold splash hot, comes with a yye Harold Owens trading card signed by him. MINT