Anyone got a YYF DNA?

I really want a YYF DNA.
Because I dont like the 888 because its too Small. but, I like Full Sized Yoyos, and its Light, so the DNA seems like a Yoyo I would really like. I have never played with one though.
I am mostly looking for a Green, Orange, or Red and Mint DNA. If it just has a couple scuffs on it, its ok. If you can’t feel the Scuff at all and it doesn’t affect the play, then its good.
This is what I have to offer:

General-Yo Hatrick (Half Red, Half Black. Plays Awesome! My Best Throw!)
YYF+Turning Point Chaotic (Purple Wash. Really Pretty. Plays Amazing!)
YYF 44 (Half Purple Aqua Mix, Half Blue Black Mix. Awesome Yoyo. So Smooth!)

Those are my only Full Metals right now, I have an Atmosphere, Protostar, Fiesta, and a FH2 with a KK bearing. But, I doubt anyone would want to trade a DNA for those.

So, If your Interested, Please Let me Know. :wink:

I have a red one w/ no pads but I don’t really want to trade it

then stop saying you have one and get off his thread?

Maybe he wants to sell it?

then he should say so.