DNA for sale/trade

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I have a nearly brand spankin new Green DNA that I bought about a month ago. It is in near perfect condition except that I have played it in my house. No scratches or dings. Asking for $90 or a good trade. I really like undersized yoyos which is partly the reason im selling this. I know this is a low price to ask for such a nice yoyo, I just bought this beautiful yoyo without knowing what I liked.


i never sa you bring that to the kite shop D:
saving my money for bac ;]

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Lol my highest offer is a mint condition dm and $15 :slight_smile:


Edit: Allow me to politely retract this offer. I think it’s high time I divested myself of YYF products, and will be doing so right here in B/S/T shortly.



lol, yup. DocRobot is totally legit :wink:


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GO YOUTUBE http://www.youtube.com/user/EXTREMEYOER
ill trad a x-convict but its bearing is pretty old and responsive you can just take it out tho and put a new one and other then the bearing its in good condition also along with the x convict ill put in a Buzz-On Element X
at 95%condition bearing good as new needs some friction sticker but even with that low response metal i think there called o rings so how about it

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lol thats because I leave it at home and never throw it. I’m going to BAC next month too so I might trade somone there. I’ve also posted it on ebay, bidding started at $60, free shipping for anyone whos interested.



jk, saving for like a superstar at bac

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Aw man dont get my hopes up! If you really did want it Id hook you up.
Heres the ebay link


I will buy this yoyo tonight for the right price. will you take 50.


Doubt it

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Do you mean you will be selling your YYF products?


I’m just not as comfortable with a DNA as I am with an 888.I prefer smaller sizes.

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I prefer smaller sizes as well, thats why im selling it lol.
Sorry Ptimothy $60 for this perfect yoyo is a really good deal, in fact im hoping some bids will raise the price.


will you let this go for 60 shipped ?


i will pay $75 bucks. Let me know i will paypal you today

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Here’s a link to the yoyo once more and I added a pic here as well.


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im so willing to trade for this yoyo how about a almost mint (no scraches) with a dif e yo bearing and 10 dollars

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Could you PM me some pics and ill take a look at what youve got.

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:slight_smile: Yoyo has been sold guys