DNA for sale/trade

I have a nearly brand spankin new Green DNA that I bought about a month ago. It is in near perfect condition except that I have played it in my house. No scratches or dings. Asking for $90 or a good trade. I really like undersized yoyos which is partly the reason im selling this. I know this is a low price to ask for such a nice yoyo, I just bought this beautiful yoyo without knowing what I liked.

i never sa you bring that to the kite shop D:
saving my money for bac ;]

Lol my highest offer is a mint condition dm and $15 :slight_smile:

Edit: Allow me to politely retract this offer. I think it’s high time I divested myself of YYF products, and will be doing so right here in B/S/T shortly.


lol, yup. DocRobot is totally legit :wink:

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GO YOUTUBE http://www.youtube.com/user/EXTREMEYOER
ill trad a x-convict but its bearing is pretty old and responsive you can just take it out tho and put a new one and other then the bearing its in good condition also along with the x convict ill put in a Buzz-On Element X
at 95%condition bearing good as new needs some friction sticker but even with that low response metal i think there called o rings so how about it

lol thats because I leave it at home and never throw it. I’m going to BAC next month too so I might trade somone there. I’ve also posted it on ebay, bidding started at $60, free shipping for anyone whos interested.


jk, saving for like a superstar at bac

Aw man dont get my hopes up! If you really did want it Id hook you up.
Heres the ebay link

I will buy this yoyo tonight for the right price. will you take 50.

Doubt it

Do you mean you will be selling your YYF products?

I’m just not as comfortable with a DNA as I am with an 888.I prefer smaller sizes.

I prefer smaller sizes as well, thats why im selling it lol.
Sorry Ptimothy $60 for this perfect yoyo is a really good deal, in fact im hoping some bids will raise the price.

will you let this go for 60 shipped ?

i will pay $75 bucks. Let me know i will paypal you today

Here’s a link to the yoyo once more and I added a pic here as well.


im so willing to trade for this yoyo how about a almost mint (no scraches) with a dif e yo bearing and 10 dollars

Could you PM me some pics and ill take a look at what youve got.

:slight_smile: Yoyo has been sold guys