Save my house BST!!!! LOTS OF YOYOS

Ok I have to sell a lot of yoyo’s. Paypal only. NO TRADES. Add $5 for priority shipping

starting off with a Virus. Few marks. Smooth player $65

Milk 2% Very small pin prick dents. Small Bearing $40

Minimotrix. No cracks no caps. smooth and fast. some small marks. $25

DV8 This yoyo is the same yoyo that was used for the pictures on the old Extreme Spin store. Smoothest DV8 I have ever played. make offer

I think this is a 70’s butterfly. It’s not the new crappy plastic they use. small bearing with Buzz-on spr’s. $25

Modded Renegade. Large bearing, KK one side pad recess. $20

X-Convict. Mint $35

I have 4 lyn furies. I’ll take $30 for all four. 3 pink/black and one orange

John Higby Butterfly. This is the yoyo he sells at one of his street performances. Mint. $30

Mint metal zero. $25

Custom Reactor. Smooth. fun. Perfect pocket yoyo. $40

Kyo DNS mint finish. needs bearing. $65

Big Brother TT. This isn’t a production run. This is one that Doug made himself. Smooth I think there were only like 10 anodized this color. GREAT yoyo! $70

Alchemy MX mint No bearing. $55

Kyo Alph Polished. #117 $60

Big Brother Bully Prototype. This was one of the first made. It’s actually my favorite yoyo. It’s a pad yoyo It has an any pad in it. $70

Zeekio “The Bird” Great player. $25

Soda Blasted Agape. It is complete. $60

Pair of Duncan Limelights. few very small marks. Lights work $15

Speed Beetles. Mint $10

Pair of YYJ Relics. Can’t find these anymore. Good condition. $20

Dale Oliver Trilogy. no stacks $30

70’s duncan Butterfly bearingized by Yoking. Awesome throw. $40

Delrin Noctu made by Yoking. One of a kind. Make offer

Takeshi FHZ Mint and awesome. Has Taka gold bearing. $40

Hybrid Hitman. no bearing, has some cracks. Still asolid yoyo though. $10


How much roughly for the noctu and plz can i have some more pix of it

Hold onto that Motrixx. Hopefully I’ll be able to buy it.




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ill give you $20 for the triligy

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