Big list. Lots of good stuff.


HEAVY CREAM $90 Very near mint. SOLD

Original DV8 #43 $85. Very near mint. With original documentation and package. SOLD

Alchemy MX $65 mint

Metal Zero $20 mint

V2 PGM with tightening arrows. $30 mint

Counter Attack. No bearing mint body. $20 SOLD

String Theory Prototype. $80 Fun yoyo. Some marks

Audley Virus. $70 Few marks. Plays like a champ. SOLD

Custom Reactor. $50 Perfect pocket yoyo. Some wear on ano but play is amazing.

Pad Recessed Agapes. $75 each Mint

75th Ann. Duncan Glow FHZ. $30

Duncan Throw Monkey $15 Mint

Siliconed and Highwalled Projam. $25 ming

Highwalled and pad recessed Projam. $30 I have two white ones as well. Mint

Highwalled Projam with silicone sticker. $20

Mint translucent FH2, Black FH2, and Blue/yellow caps FHZ. The zero is beat up a little.
The other two are mint.

Heavy Cream=SOLD


Did you mod that Metal Zero at all or is it stock?

Totally stock. Brand new actually. Now there is someone that wants it and then wants me to mod it. I gotta check to see if he’s paid. I’ll let ya know.

Replying to subscribe, because I’m new to the forum and haven’t figured out the easy way yet.

What are you subscribing to?

I want one or two of the ones on your list, and I didn’t want to lose the thread. And I spent a bunch on yo-yo’s this week.

I also have a bearingized 70’s duncan butterfly modded by 3YO3’s Landon Balk. $35

Also the one of the very first bully prototypes. This one is actually better than the production but only because of Doug gripping the aluminum too hard. It’s a wonderful throw and the first yoyo he gave me. $65

OK people. Now is the time. If you like it then buy it. :’( :wink:

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