I need this stuff gone!!!!

I need to sell these. No trades. SHIPPING PRIORITY ONLY $5 EXTRA
Buy a lot then shipping is free. I PREFER PAYPAL

Duncan FH2 new mold. $10 has Taka gold bearing.

Proyo from Bird in hand. Not sure on how old it is but i’m thinking around 99-00 $10

Big Brother Bully Proto. There are only two or three of this proto $60

String Theory Remnant Great yoyo. $45

SPYY flying “V” Only the wide bearing. $55

YYJ Trinity pretty much mint. $6050

Two polished Agapes. Brand New $75.

YYF Lunatic. Lots of marks . Great to learn 5a with $30

YYJ New Breed $30

Duncan Speedles. Great 2a pair. $15

Again these are for sale only. NO TRADES!

Check your PMs.

No Jive is gone.

Cream, string theory proto and an Agape gone.

prices are negotiable.

Remember, no trades.

New title. Getting Desperate. :frowning:

Muffin Top is at $290

Possibly the pgm n free hand also. Thanks

ooooh. Pm’d

Well I don’t see a pm from you…

Is that a lot for a yoyo?Or am I just crazy? sorry If that is a serious price, I’ve never seen a 6k yoyo before (Bring Up My Pants)

pretty sure he meant it’s $50

the Audley L3 looks pretty nice. Is there anything that affects play?

Sorry YYF lover. L3 is now gone.

Shoot. Does anyone know the next step up form a DV888?

maybe an 888

anything a bit cheaper. (just a bit)