Selling some of my yoyo's cheap

Big Ben, Lyn and FHZ gone.

Big Brother bully Prototype some dings, $45

Delicious, some marks, plays awesome, $45

YYJ Luxe, VERY good condition, Plays awesome, $45

SOLD SPYY flying V, some marks, slim bearing, awesome throw. $35

Duncan Freak Hand II, New, Played once or twice. Great condition. $10

Pair of Raiders. Not sure if they are ex’s. I don’t think they are. $15

My personal Agape, a few marks, responsive bearing but can be cleaned. $40

KYO Immortallis #600, some marks, A size bearing, Great carry around yoyo. $30

KYO Immortallis II, some marks, A size bearing, $30

SOLD 3yo3 Bassline, some marks, Super awesome yoyo, $40

John Higby (duncan) Butterfly. This yoyo is not for sale anywhere but by John Higby. Duncan made them only for him. Hand painted by John Higby. $20

yoyo case, new. $20

Shipping not included in price. Add $6 for priority with comformation. $3 for snail mail.

Thanks for looking.

having trouble seeing which is which… what color is your Flying V?