Selling my collection for cheap


Hi Yoyoexpert, I’m selling my small collection so here we go:

SPYY Pure ($50)
Small scratches but nothing major. Great little throw

SPYY Revenger ($65)
Near mint condition. Dual color switched sides. My favorite yoyo that I have ever owned. Pretty wide catch and amazing.

Duncan Hayabusa ($10)
Super beat. Good starter off sting yoyo. Il basically throw this one with another yoyo for like $5

Homemade silver yoyo ($20)
A nice beater yoyo that is all silver and looks like a code 1. Good beater throw

You can also buy them all for $130. All come with crucial bearings that are in perfect condition.
I will also throw in the string in the picture below.

Full album of all pictures and more

(system) #2