Selling my small collection.

Everything has to go! I hate to lose sell these but I really need the money right now. Im asking for $200 or best offer.

Comes with-

Spyy Supra-Gold Dust- minor dings and scuffs,no vibe, super smooth and great yoyo.

YoyoFactory 888x-Aqua- dings and scratches, still smooth, good player

YoyoFactory Yuuksta-Purple with blue acid wash- 5a dings, some vibe, very stable

YoyoFactory POPstar-Half blue half grey- Dings and scratches, fun yoyo

2 Yoyofactory Velocitys-one is blue, other is red- Good beginner yoyos

YoyoFactory PGM-blue and yellow- MISSING AXLE AND BEARINGS AND HUBSTACKS. Its not expensive to replace though.

Also comes with my case i made.

Also comes with all my YoYoExpert cards

Also comes with my silicone, yyj thin lube, some string, and rice stacks for 888x

Thats it. Email me or pm me.

ill give you 30$ for the 888x and counter wight

Ill have the popstar for 10$