F/S: INSANELY cheap prices! SPYY, YYF!

So im trying to slim my collection down a bit so iam selling a couple yoyos at insanely good prices.
Keep in mind I do not use paypal, but i have a couple safe and quick methods that have served me well in many sales. I need the money so I will prolly even work with you on my listed price within reason.

SPYY Supra ultraviolet colorway and very very near mint, (only has one tiny scuff that doesn’t break the ano. Great player, undersized just aren’t my thing. Right now I will sell it for 51$$!

YYF SUPER G Absolutely awesome yoyo. A serious competition throw. It has some pinpricks and a couple scratches nothing major. Smooth. Will let it go for 51$!

Contact me via pm.