(Changed Pricing) Selling my collection of 15 yoyos.

Hi all, selling my collection.
Please only contact me if you have a legitimate question, or intend to buy, the bag is also for sale and will come with a Duncan pouch and a yoyo holster and some string, etc. Everything is mint/near mint unless otherwise stated.


Kilter 2 (exactly two small dings) $15
Prodigy (a few practically invisible pricks)
2014 WYYC Cyborg (Heavily played, several dings breaking ano) $10
Benchmark W (2 very insignificant dings, almost unnoticeable) $25
Yoyozeekio aftermath $25
John Ando Protostar $15
Yoyozeekio zenith $20
Gentry Stein white regen (one dark scuff, plays fine) $10
Level 6 (well loved, a few small dings) $15
A set of Team shaqler loop 1080s (One dark scuff on each, play fine) (Not pictured) $20

Onestar $8 ( $5 with any other throw)
Vosun Aether ($15 on its own, $5 with any other throw)
Overlord T5 (several tiny dings) ($5 with any other throw)
Yyf Flight - Translucent orange, not pictured (some scuff marks) ($5 with any other throw)