Dv888 CHEAP AND NEAR MINT only 34 BUCKS!!!!!!

I have a few throws that dont get the playing time they deserve,Thus they found there way here.So They are mostly for sale but if you have money i would think about selling them.(i will list asking price as well)im LOOKING FOR PROTOSTARS ONLY NOW

Okay we have a dv888(no axle)
-the Yo is a great throw but no axle.It wont come with a bearing either.I throw one in for 6 bucks
-asking about 34 bucks for this
Near mint.No vibehttp://i809.photobucket.com/albums/zz12/yoyolunatic/bst/Picture0033.jpg i will trade this for a protostar

ill sell ya a dv888 axle for $1 shipped i make tham

ill buy the fhz

Why are you selling a Dv888 for $34 and it has no axle or bearing, and you say it’s near mint, and also had some trading situation with some guy, when you can buy a Dv888 on here (Yoyoexpert) for $44.99. I find that weird.

HAHAHAHAH I FIND YOU HILARIOUS.first off i will throw in the bearing and your not supposed to jack peoples threads and i resolved the issue with bb just a moderator hasnt yet removed the negative feedback.so yeah Im trying to get some money bro i find it wierd that you have to spend your day on a yoyo forum jacking peoples threads.

Axle? And it wasn’t with BB, it was with a different guy. Whatever. Go on with your BST.