Selling most of my throws - Protostar, DV888

Hi everyone.

Havent been lurking around here for quite some time now. I just dont play with these anymore so looking to get them into a good home.

All prices include shipping to USA (Other places are a bit spendy)

Red DV888 $30 - Perfect condition, no vibe, rarely ever used.SOLD

Yellow Protostar $18 - Pretty solid throw. Great condition, no scratches or dings. Has slight vibe but does not effect play at all.

Blue Protostar $20 - Smooth throw with no vibe that I can notice. Great condition, no scratches or dings SOLD

Red Protostar $20 - Great throw with no vibe. Great condition, no scratches or dings (Does have a Terrapin bearing in it) SOLD

White/Red slil recessed FHZ $15 - No vibe I can notice. Fun throw. Will include a few counterweights and the Duncan spacer pack.SOLD

Duncan 8-bit FHZ sili recessed. $25 - Is in pretty solid condition. Got it from someone off here a long time ago. Logos on side arent scratched up or anything.

Velocity $10 - Fun throw. I just never really used it after I learned to bind and got other yoyos.SOLD

I have a few random accessories such as the case(make an offer if you really want it), axles, a few other Terrapin bearings, a concave bearing, and 2 10 balls. If you buy one of my yoyos and want an extra bearing just let me know and if I still have the one you want ill just throw it in the bag for you. Also if you want one of the counterweights with one of the yoyos let me know and I can get you one of those too.

All my stuff was really taken care of. No dings or scratches and they were not dropped or anything like that. Feel free to ask any questions! Dont be shy with questions or other offers (no trades though sorry)

Still have my Dv888 and Protostars. They need a good home :slight_smile:

Bump. Lowered prices on the Protostars :slight_smile:

I really want a dv888 but best I could do is a trade

Yea I dont play with them anymore, so not really looking to trade for others.

Lowered price on DV888 and still have my yellow and red protostars :slight_smile:


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Are you willing to trade the dv888 for a duncan Metal Drifter with modded with silicon .555 thin brake pads and a yotricks bearing?


My Dv888 still needs a good home! And yellow protostar!

Bump for Tuesday

I pm’d you.

Up. Still have Dv888 and my yellow Protostar