want dv88, popstar and stuff


i will trade a used darkmagic 2 for one. it has a few scuffs but overall its in good condition.


Darkmagic 2: a few scuffs but nothing much, mostly non-responsive, put if you jerk it hard it’ll come up.

prodostar: like nothing bad at all. has a new bearing and sleeps about 2-3 min.

spinstar: not in very good condition… something for a beginer.

WANTED: DV888, $30


hm do u want for protostar


what yoyo(s) would you trade?


anyway, i have a DM2 and it is completely unresponsive, try cleaning the bearing


i have a prodostar with a new bearing that spins like 3 min. like 3 scuffs
darkmagic 2. really good condition, just needs the bearing cleaned
spinstar… bad condition but just right for a begginer yoyoer


i looking to buy


Protostar and extra?


can i have just the dark magic for 20 shipped

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im selling dv888 with koncave ceramic bearing and 180 strings for 50. shipping depends on were you live. http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,28401.0.html

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