Went out and played a little today...

Waiting… All alone… Then, a random 69 Camaro appears roaring down the road

And??? I hope you bought it/ traded!

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Nooo lol He’s a real good friend of mine. We’re both in the 450-500 horse range. My trucks been in my family for nearly 30 Years lol Its a little sleeper :stuck_out_tongue: Just sat 16 years, and is a little rough around the edges

I’ve read up on the other thread you’ve made about that truck, and I think it’s great that you’ve revived it from its idle state and hit the road again. Both my father and my mom’s fiance have or currently fix and maintain vintage vehicles, and while I don’t know a crazy amount about them, I’m very interested in them, and in learning more about that sliver of Americana. My mom’s fiance has three Plymouth Barracudas, including original 440’s, and an AAR. My father has mostly switched to modern muscle due to age and living conditions; i.e. not having a garage.

Super cool to see you driving that truck after he amount of time it was sitting, and hanging out with people, as well as being in an entire family, who shares that passion.

An AAR is my dream car :o Really rare car! Then the others with it? Wow!!! And thanks man. These old cars are really fun and extremely simple. Sounds like you have a family a little into it too. Well, actually extremely into it :smiley:

Hey, a fellow muscle enthusiast. I’m normally an import man and I do have my s2000 as a daily ride, but picked up this stang about a year ago and had my way with it.

347 stroker kit, heads, cams, pistons, intake, exhaust, ECU, tranny, you name it. About 600hp to the crank but definitely a sleeper. It’s very, very difficult to drive on the street but there’s just nothing like cruising around with a big hunk of American awesome rocking the car at idle.

I have a camaro, too. ;D

I to am an import guy at heart lol Is your s2000 an ap1 or ap2?? I want a ap1. I love those cars. And thats a nice sleeper! I’d never think it to be pushing that lol

A few from the second half…

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Thats pretty cool. The f22 is a good motor! :smiley: And they sound good stock. The ap2’s also handle A lot better I hear… The ap1 had real bad oversteer, from what I’ve heard… Something to do with the steering box or something?? Either way, I’ve considered getting one to dd do to my mpg a few times. Its just, by the time I pay for it I doubt I’d be saving much lol