anyone into vehicles?

i enjoy yoyoing but i really enjoy working on my vehicles too im restoring a 1971 dodge fargo 200 and i drive a 2000 subaru 2.5rs coupe any other vehicles lovers on here?

i guess im alone with liking vehicles lol

I’m into cars. My favorites are rally cars and japanese tuners :P. I know a lot about brands and such but not as much about older cars or working on them. My favorite car right now (and no I don’t have one) is a Subaru WRX STI.

I’m into all cars. Shape size old new anything. I don’t really care there all cool

I love 2.5rs’!

Here is my toy:

yeah subarus are my favorite car brand out there, they are great out here in canada for the winter haha. thats a nice old chevy i was never much of a chevy guy but i always dug that body style especially with a step side! is that a 350? and what year? looks like a really fun truck id post some pics of my vehicles but truthfully i have no idea how to lol

Does sitting inside a vehicle count?

those are both my vehicles

Nice little collecting you have there. And yeah, a 350 bore over to 355. Pumping 400-500 extremely scary hp. lol And Its a 70 model

that must be a fun toy haha i knew i couldnt be the only car and yoyo geek on here

I like vehicles. I use them everyday.

I have a cruiser board…

Nope lol You are not alone!

What the heck, you Canuckians gotta label your buildings so you know what’s a farm or not???

I’m a car guy before anything else, including yoyos. If I have a car, you can bet I’m always plotting to make it “better” (quotes are necessary because regular people would argue worse).

My last round was this MR-S with a Celica GTS engine swap. It would be easier to list what mod it didn’t have, as it was basically a track car on the street, and one thing it didn’t have was more than a single seat. Most people say “stupid”. Car guys say “lightweight”. ;D

Sold that not long ago and got into this s2000. It’s currently stock but for an intake and exhaust since I’m sort of at a loss as to what I’d change. Great car. Planning to do a hardtop soon.

And then for no particular rhyme or reason, I found this incredibly well cared for fox body that the previous owner was turning into a track car. He’d already completed the suspension, bracing, brakes, etc. aspects which was great. I bought it, and took over from there on the power end. Stroked, cammed, heads, the lot. Pretty much the only thing left original is the body panels and interior. Pushing not quite 600hp to the crank…but I really just love it for the sound at idle.

You also had a Mr2? Thats awesome Mann! Cool little cars.

those are some sweet cars haha im only 17 not at those levels of vehicles yet haha. i always liked the mr2s always thought they had a look similiar to a porsche witch i liked. s2000 are pretty nice as well always wondered if i would fit in one im 6,3 250 pounds so some cars i fit in some i dont haha i dont fit in mazda rx7s at all. i have never been much for the fox body mustangs but i can learn to appreciate any vehicle especially with that kind of performance that must be a crazy lil toy haha.

What the heck, you Canuckians gotta label your buildings so you know what’s a farm or not???
haha that was a barn in my old farmyard thought it made a good backdrop and out here in canada if you dont label em you can get lost :wink: