Well this sucks... :(

So this week was a very upsetting week for me unfortunately.

I got a call from my mother on monday morning telling me some very sad news. Apparently while my parents were gone on a trip last week, some burglars thought it would be an absolutely wonderful idea to come and break into the house and steal a bunch of their belongings.

They came home to find the house completely torn apart, and all of their electronics and valuables gone. T_T

Unfortunately, although a lot of my stuff was moved out of there years ago, I did keep my yoyo collection of the past at their house…which sadly was stolen as well. Basically, I had a 72 star case from II that was filled with a lot of stuff that now is probably considered out dated. yoyojams, buzz ons, but also sadly some rarer stuff like older metals and what not.

I guess maybe this is life’s way of having me move on from the past yoyo’s I used to love and essentially “get with the times” which I have done very much so, but it is pretty saddening to me. :frowning:
That said, I am confused as to why the burglars thought yoyos would be of some value they could profit off? Or maybe they didnt even bother to check the contents of the case and just saw “shiny protected case that might have valuables” I don’t know.

But whatever the reason, I am thankful my parents were away, and that they are unharmed and safe. We had police over to check things out and start an investigation. It’s crazy too since that neighborhood has very much NO crime whatsoever and is quite safe as its mostly older folks and families who live there. But I guess someone thought it would be a good target.

That said, If anyone happens to see a black 401k with dings, a Good and Evil 2, and a very dinged up Eetsit suddenly on ebay or somewhere else all being sold at once together…let me know.

Luckily, I kept my biggest favorites with me here at my own place, so I am not super upset about it.

Life is cruel, but oh well, what can you do :frowning:

Happened to a friend of mine and was in a nearby pawnshop. Might want to check around

Dang that sucks! I doubt there would be anything in MD but maybe eBay or something would have it. Also it is possible that burglars stole them to sell and melt the aluminum possibly as well so they can get a profit.

Lolol. Abby … I needed a good laugh, today. The time and trouble and mess, to melt down the aluminum would totally cancel any ‘profit’.

Even unmelted; if all 72 yoyos were aluminum and each weighed 66 grams; at .60 a pound; they would be worth a Whopping $8.00

That kinda crime does not pay.

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I know, start up a yoyo club…

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Well thats not good but at least you still have your most valuable throws.

Generally burglars will take anything that isn’t too hard to carry and cases and boxes are like treasure chests to them because lots of people put jewelry and stuff in cases like that

I can totally picture them opening it up and being like “YOYOS, NOTHING BUT YOYOS?” * Throws on floor in rage* “I WASTED ALL THAT TIME LUGGING OUT YOYOS???!?!”

Wow, sorry to hear about what happened, but I’m glad everyone is okay. I had an alarm system installed a few years ago, which has given me some peace of mind. It’s not a sure thing, but I work at night sometimes, so it helps. My area is good crime-wise, but I’m in the city, so anything can happen. I have a big safe bolted to the floor too. Reading stories like yours convinces me that was money well spent. I hope your collection is recovered.


I am very sorry to hear that happened. Thankfully all are ok. Would love to get my hands on the little rats who did this.


Contact your local sheriff’s office and ask them for a copy of the local pawn reports and recycling reports. Those transactions are kept track of, usually.

I feel for you, sucks to know it’s like to have your crap stolen.

Ahh that really sucks, my condolences. Will the cost of them be covered by the home insurance?