Stolen yoyo :|

Ok heres the deal. I was nicelly playing with my yoyo before I went too sleep , and i put my yoyo next to my bed on a drawer and went to sleep…the next morining i wake up and its gone :open_mouth:
I looked under the bed and everywhere and to no avail. I am really sure one of these fools staying in my room took it. What too dooooooo. its my only metal and i really dont wanna lose it forever :’(

where do you live and who had access

Sorry to hear about the possible theft that took place.

People will steal just about anything. I just don’t get that whole stealing/taking stuff that isn’t mine thing. It just never occurs to me to take something that isn’t mine without permission of the owner.

I would see if maybe you could find some way to approach your roommates about this. Maybe one of them took it to try to play with it and then forgot to put it back. Then again, maybe it’s not going to have a happy ending.

If you have nice stuff, lock it up. If you have your own room in an apartment, get a locking door system. Buy a safe or at least a strong box with a key lock or a way to connect a pad lock. Mark your stuff to clearly identify it.

I’m so sorry to hear that :frowning:
Next time, lock your drawers and stuff.

It could’ve been your roommates, just like Studio42 said, Maybe they just wanted to play with it but they forgot to put it back. Ask around.

If it where me I would set them up… I would set my web cam up with the that program that sets your webcam into a security motion cam. I’ve seen it on TV people catching their room mates Taking things. Take a cpl dollars or somthing you would expect them to take and set the webcam up on it and wait till it happens, that way you have evidence to back you up. Thats how I caught my brother stealing my XBox, only he sold it to this local store that buys electronics and I went there and got the recipt with his signature on it and when I confronted him, he denied it till I busted out the Recording and recipt with his signature and he just put his head down and knew he was caught. So in the end, Sometimes you can only catch 'em if you set 'em up. And honestly if their suppose tobe a friend and Roommate they should be stealing from you. So honestly if they stole your stuff, they’re not your friend and the worst thing of all is… Do you Honestly Want to live with someone that is going to steal your belongings. I mean they stole your YoYo, do you think they’ll stop there? What else could be missing? or Are they gonna stop with the YoYo or are they gonna Take something else?
I’ve had Roommates and 1 was a cousin and I have to tell you… WORST Mistake ever, They stole mine and my wife’s Jewelry, My Watches, Clothes, and they even Shafted us on the Rent and Deposit. Needless to say we never even got to stay till the lease was up. The Landlord asked us if we left that he would give the wife and I a good Referance only because we stayed caught up on our Rent, He ended up keeping most of my Roommates stuff because they owed alot. But what I’m saying is can you really Trust them now(the reason I say “Them” is because your not sure who did it)I mean they stole from you and the Worst Part, the part no one mentioned… is that you where SLEEPING when it happened. That is just way to Freaky, Makes you wonder if thery’re watching you sleep or something LOL or smelling your Socks or if they’re really Freaky, your Boxers (Eewwww LOL). Hey Just Be Careful and Either Set Them Up or Confront Them All.

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Thanks man for taking the time to write that huuge paragraph. I told the hotel staff and they asked and searched for it but to no avail. they then told them that i no-one retuned it by noon then they would get kicked out or something else. :smiley: Then it turned out that all my roomies were in on it and they had put my yoyo in one of theyre jackets and it wasent with them but in their parents car :o
I also randomlly found one of their socks in my bag and thqat was strike 2. The next morning they were pulling my covers of me and throwing a ball around,ok Ill put up with it. Then thinking I was alseep they descided to pour water on me -.- Strike 3 = Ciao amigos have a horrible time with your parents finding this out. On top it they are minors like me and the night beore that they were watching unapropriate stuff and I just happened to recored it on meh phone :D. Couldent be happier right now!!! ;D

Lol Black Mail huh. Just be Careful k. But it does sound like they need to grow up.

i’d fight em. Each and everyone of em. but thats just me hahaha. At least you didn’t loose your yoyo beacuse that would suck man.

glad you found it! but jeesh. peeps are immature