If you see these, don't buy them

Hey everybody, so somebody posted this photo up on the Throwers reddit. They are someones lost yoyos(someone who was probably mugged). Heres the text from the original post, which has since been deleted.

“Hey guys I was walking down the street and I stumbled across some yoyo’s that someone left in a ripped up backpack. There was clothes on the street and it looked like a mugging? Not sure. Anyway it was all going to be thrown away. If you could tell me about them that would be great. I would like to know their worth as well. Thank you” -shysnowlep

They guy who found them plans to sell them. The guys who found them is a dick. Just thought I’d tell everyone so you know if you see this up for sale that the throws aren’t really the sellers to sell.

Here’s the original post(it was deleted, link may or may not work.):https://www.reddit.com/r/Throwers/comments/3h6jlr/what_did_i_find/

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Read it. What a dickhead that guy is.

I would think that most non throwers wouldn’t really care about the throws if they just “stumbled” across them… and the fact that he doesn’t know anything about them and wants to sell them is just plain suspicious.

We could leave the photo of these throws up here on yye, that way if someone puts them up on ebay we could match them and report them as stolen property.

haha. I’m keeping my eyes on ebay and craigslist in case they pop up…not that I’m really sure how to proceed if i do.